Are You Neglecting Your Preps? Now Is Not The Time!

DSC_0393_zpsk611tjedWe live in interesting times. And I see the Prepper Community reflecting that. Up until the early morning hours on November 9th many people increased their prepper activities at a fast pace expecting Killary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. Myself included. That consisted of expending funds to buy items that I was concerned would be soon unavailable under a Clinton socialist regime. Across the country guns, especially AR’s were flying off dealer’s shelves (at least where I live).

On the morning of November 9th, you could hear a collective sigh of relief from across the country.  And especially in the Prepper Community. But many of us warned against that. I stated my case in Trump Won. So It’s O.K. Now, Right?

Those warnings have proven to be true. Even with a President who supports the Second Amendment, and will put decent judges on our Supreme Court, we still have a long way to go. And activist liberal judges still attack the Second amendment. This country did not get to the brink of disaster over night, and we are not going to be able to reverse directions overnight. President Trump cannot fix everything overnight with the stroke of a pen. I think he will begin to try to point us back in the right direction, but he isn’t God, and he is facing the most serious resistance of any President in my lifetime.  And the threats, man-made and natural, that we prep to survive, are pressing us even harder. Experienced preppers will tell you to constantly evaluate and modify you plan as situations change or develop. So what has changed significantly since the election of President Trump that would affect your level of preps? A LOT!

Domestic Violence

untitledThe street violence that erupted after the election will continue. These are not spontaneous protests against an unpopular election. These are well and organized riots. And the level of violence will escalate. The ANTI FAS, BLM, and other radical leftist movements are calling for armed resistance and violence. Police Officers have been increasingly murdered around the country in ambush. Many of us warned that the radical left is desperate and will not simply give up, and will resort to anything to reverse the election.  Unless the government is able to control these people, as the level of violence increase, people on the other side are going to take to the streets and meet violence with violence.  Our courts have currently ruled that we have to continue to take in thousands of “refugees”  from terrorists parts of the world.

Economic Collapse

I personally think that this is still a serious possibility. Barrack Obama ran up our national debt to about 19 TRILLION dollars. We are a serious debtor nation right now,Pylon_ds creative commons Even if the President was to get perfect cooperation (and he isn’t) this is going to be difficult to deal with and will take a long time. We have a ravaged military to rebuild, and a national infrastructure that borders on disaster. Our national electrical grid system is seriously weak and vulnerable. All of these things are not going to get fixed overnight. An EMP incident, either man -made attack, or from the sun, will shut the economy, and life as we know it, down for a seriously long time. A cyber attack on our electric grid is both possible, and evidently planned for by many of our major enemies.

Natural Disasters

Regardless of the reasons, natural disasters are continuing and actually increasing in both frequency and severity. Much of our infrastructure is outdated, out of repair, and failing. One need only look at the recent problems with Oroville Dam in California. 188,000 people had to be evacuated when it looked as if the dam would give way. I wonder how many of them had a three day bug out bag ready? Tornados, hurricanes, severe snow storms, all continue to happen with increasing severity.

Folks, regardless of the election, and in many ways because of it, we face some of the most dangerous times in our nation’s history. Now is not the time to be complacent in our emergency preparations.


11 thoughts on “Are You Neglecting Your Preps? Now Is Not The Time!

  1. Basics, think basics.
    The rule of threes, meeting the basic needs of survival.
    Beyond that civil war, economic collapse, weather, or whatever is too complicated.

    Civil war may lead to conflict. Only who can you trust?
    TPTB, the armed forces, government with “We are here to help you”.
    Truth is you need to be thinking how to AVOID conflict and how to stand up on your own two feet without government ‘help’ aka interference. Foraging, barter, homesteading.

    Economic collapse?
    So what, it’s only wealth.
    The danger coming from those who were previously given everything who now want something for nothing. Are you ready to kill them?
    Go on then only think about tomorrow. When whatever is over.
    A sterile court, you’re in the right but the truth is what someone says it was and how the court interpretes that. That choir boy raping your mother hadn’t been fed for 3 weeks, and you callously shot him. Guilty for abusing his human rights.

    Survival and prepping is all about surviving the coming storm BUT INTELLEGENTLY.
    Too much gun hoe is spoken, not enough talk and practicing of the basics.
    First aid, camp craft, foraging, being resourceful and inventive is good.
    Advanced radio comms? Can that open a can without a tin opener?

    Gun hoe?
    Stupid. Someone is always better or all they have to be is better.
    Some have unlimited resources to deal with your stupidity.
    How would you know, until it was too late.

    Gun wise?
    Avoiding conflict, saving yourself for another day, that’s being wise.
    If you can walk away without firing a shot for minimal loss, that’s good.

    Possessions above the basics? Why?
    It’s all just so such crap to be lugged about.
    Bury it, cache it, or whatever. It’s no good till after.

    Survival is lasting until things can be put right and ‘normal service’ resumes.
    Only If things are never put right think on this.
    80% will die of bad water, hypothermia, and illness in year one.
    25% of those left thereafter per year because of disease or simple injuries.
    Your chances, realistically, after those two years?
    Should be quite good.
    There will be few left and plenty of left overs for the resourceful.

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    • Good points all around, and as usual, we agree. The vast majority of people in this country, like yours, probably have (maybe) three days food in the fridge,and their idea of foraging is getting to the reduced items shelf at the local food market. Like you say, hide, avoid, escape, survive. It will sort itself out, and if you survive those two years you will probably have your choice of used mansions to live in.

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      • I’d like to say “I wish” but I’ve got more sense than to live in a drafty old manor. We’re all in for a kicking my friend, hopefully not in the near future but I feel it is coming.

        Ho hum, if we live that’s good.
        If we don’t? Would I care?

        Keep smiling mate like we do.
        It exercises every muscle in the face and confuses the hell out of your enemies.

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  2. Jim, I write reviews/and of course actually test them every day/ week etc., for – it really is one of the best out there, honestly, I followed/read several before offering my services to MD as a reviewer.

    I also have lived in South/Eastern Arizona since 86′ and spend the vast majority of my time in and out of the sticks…great blog, I agree regarding prepping and hey, tune in on Mondays every Monday for a new complete review of solid, budget friendly, professional working equipment and supplies for prepping and living intelligently :)




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