Are You A Scavenger?

I_Need_Your_Scrap_Metal_Art_IWMPST14749Many people spend a lot of money and go to a great deal of trouble preparing for emergencies from local disasters all the way to The End Of The World As We Know It. Stockpiling arms, ammunition, medical supplies, alternative energy and assorted supplies are all good ideas if done for the right reasons, in the right places, and in the proper way. But very little attention is given to the one skill that you will eventually need to stay alive in an extended crisis situation. Scavenging

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Scavenging or Looting. Which is it?

mg_9313_mediumSurvival is about staying alive. Survival preparation is about acquiring the skills and supplies to survive long term if necessary. However, no matter how much you stock up, in an extended survival situation, you are going to run out of vital necessities. So how do you get the things you need?