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If you are new to prepping and are overwhelmed by all of the information available, we have a series of articles for the new prepper. They will take you from the very basic beginnings and help you get started. You can begin them by clicking on the Beginning Prepper Series tab on the main menu above.



Mil Surp Mess Kit Review

A New video from Prepper Base 1

Comparing the Serbian canteen mess kit to the Russian airborne canteen mess kit.

Watch video here

 Black Rifle Coffee and Evan Hafer. Heros or Heels?

A new video from Prepper Base 1

It’s Not About Politics. It’s About Honesty

Watch video here.

Prepper Terminology for Beginners

New video from Prepper Base 1. Sometimes prepper terminology can be confusing to those just beginning to prep. This video explains some basic terms to beginning preppers.

Watch video here

Poor Man’s Bug Out Bag

New video from Prepper Base 1. I put together a basic bug out bag using items that were just lying around collecting dust most of which I had gotten for free. Watch the video here.

Cotton Ball Fire Starters

New video from Prepper Base 1.The ability to make a fire is a basic prepper skill. Cotton ball fire starters are a great way to get a fire started. Watch the video here.

Survival Faith. Ephesians 3:20

With this video I am starting a new playlist on Prepper Base 1 titled Survival Faith. I believe faith is an important survival tool. You can watch the video here

Lone Wolf Prepper

Lone Wolf Prepper. Many new people are becoming preppers due to current events. And many of them are taking the Lone Wolf approach. But is this the best course of action? Here is a brief pros and cons of Lone Wolf prepping. View the video here.

Don’t Panic! It’s Not Too Late! Just Start Prepping

If you are just now starting to prepare for the coming hard times, DON’T PANIC. You still have time, but not a lot of it. Here are six steps for the brand new prepper to get started in the current SHTF. Watch the video here.

Remembering 911

Remembering those who perished on September 11, 2001, and a call to action.

You can watch the video here.

Combat Breathing For SHTF

Your body needs oxygen to survive stress. Watch this video to see how to maximize your oxygen intake.

Mental Prepping. Are You Really Ready For SHTF?

Are you mentally prepared for the hardships that are coming? Watch our video here.

Quick Prep. Prepping Your Vehicle Maintenance

If you have to bug out by vehicle, will your vehicle get you there? You can hear our thoughts here

Are You Prepping Your Firearms Maintenance?

How many preppers pay as much attention to their firearms maintenance preps as they do to food, water, and med supplies? I discuss it here.

SOS Emergency Ration Taste Test

A lot of people buy these for emergency rations. But what do they taste like? Watch the video to find out here.

Shotgun Myths. Alley Sweeper?

The tactical shotgun is an excellent defensive weapon if use in the right context. However, the myth of it being an alley sweeper is just that. A myth. Watch our video here.

Six Critical Books Every Prepper Should Have

Having a core library of hard copy books is important. Here are six basic books that will cover your bases. Watch here.

HydroBlu Jerry Can Water Filter.

Possibly the best prepper water filtration system? Water purification is essential to survival. We tested the HydroBlu Jerry Can Water Filtration System and you can watch the video here.

Magazines. How Long Can You Keep Them Loaded?

Many people ask how long you can keep magazines loaded. Here is my answer based on my experiences. Watch here.

Warning Shots! Do You Ever?

Many new gun owners ask the question “Shouldn’t I shoot a warning shot first”? I answer the question in this video. Watch here.

Prepper Base 1 has 100 Subscribers in Three Weeks!

Our new Youtube channel, Prepper Base 1, reached 100 subscribers today after only three weeks in operation. Many of them came from followers here. This is my heartfelt thanks for your support! Watch here.

New Gun Owner? Consider This.

Over the last few months, a tremendous number of Americans have purchased firearms because of the current situation. There are things to consider AFTER buying a gun for the first time. Watch the video here.

Financial Preps for Hard Times

Our current video on Prepper Base 1. Practical steps to tighten the belt during the current and coming hard times. Watch here.

Mask Your Preps

Our newest video on Prepper Base 1. We discuss the practical uses of the gas mask for the prepper and demonstrate some basics. Watch here.

Our Newest Video On Prepper Base 1

WARNING! A rant that will ruffle some feathers. View HERE

Our New Youtube Channel

Our company has just launched a new Youtube channel called Prepper Base 1. Eventually all of our enterprises will migrate to this brand name, including Azweaponcraftprepper. We just launched our channel 4 days ago and have two videos so far. One a welcome, and one a boost for this blog. But we are excited about our forthcoming content, and are working on new videos on a daily basis.  So check it out here and subscribe to see our future content. You will be glad you did!

OK Miss Corona, now what?

I have been away from the desk for some time now dealing with business issues, but it has given me the opportunity to draw some conclusions as I watched this pandemic go on.  There are some lessons to be learned. Just a few of my thoughts.

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A Good Knife Maker

The knife is the primary survival tool. If you find yourself in a survival situation and can only have one tool, it needs to be a knife. Why? Because you can make things with it.  You can make a fire, make a shelter, make weapons. A good knife is essential.

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Top Survival Guns Every Prepper Should Own

This a guest post from author Norman Bobby. His site can be located at https://gunandshooter.com/

 When you look at the subject matter around preppers and firearms, you find some obvious pillars of importance. Preppers need continuity; reasonableness (which may not be a word) and efficacy

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Luxury Camping with a Cabin Tent

This is a guest post by Tadej Kozar. His website can be found at https://campingtentlovers.com . Although geared for the recreational camper, it has some good information for survival for groups.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Archery As A Prepper Skill

This is a guest article by John Lewis, a blogger, survivalist and outdoor enthusiast. You can follow him over at Epic Wilderness.

Archery is a sport which does not cost you too much money, but still gets you physically and mentally fit. Many people are now moving towards archery equipment for hunting and survival because the cost of getting archery equipment is much lower than getting a firearm.

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Schrade SCHKM1 Machete

Like most preppers, I am constantly re evaluating my gear.  And you should too. Situations and needs change.  I still live on the edge of Phoenix in the Sonoran Desert. And up to now, my basic brush blade has been my Nepalese Kukri.

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4 Essential Oils to Add to Your Survival Kit

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article by Trysh Sutton of Pure Path Essential Oils. I am in the process of expanding and upgrading my SHTF medical capabilities, and this is a brief but concise article that explains the contribution essential oils make to your medical planning.

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Book Review: Forsaking Home By A. American

Editor’s note:  This article is by guest author Jack Billington. Prepper fiction is becoming more popular in the prepper community. I will continue to occasional do reviews of it. I think it is useful,(besides the entertainment value) to analyze the scenarios and the player’s responses to see if they are realistic.

I just finished reading Forsaking Home, the fourth installment of the Survivalist Series by A. American. I really enjoyed the first three books in the series and was excited to see how things would work out for Morgan Carter and the rest of the gang.

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Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)

At some point you have to decide if a chemical/biological/nuclear threat scenario is something you need to concern yourself with. And that you need to equip for. Some preppers will, some wont.

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Survival Hax Ferro Rod Fire Starter

It is a common prepper mantra that redundancy is critical. Try not to ever rely on only one method to accomplish the critical. Fire making is a critical survival skill, and you should always have at least three methods on hand to start a fire.

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7 Best Survival Gadgets for All Your Outdoor Needs.

This is a guest article by Anthony Maldonado

There are plenty of outdoor activities. Some want to practice outdoor sports, some enjoy just running in nature, some want to go for hunting and some would enjoy just a picnic in nature or camping under the stars. It is very healthy to spend some time in nature. That way we clear our mind from the negative thoughts and release all the negativity. Our muscles relax and our lungs fill with fresh air.

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5 Most Vital Knife Care Tips

This is a guest article by Billy Trotter, a knife designer in the UK. His website is at: https://perkinknives.com/

Sure, you may have never even thought about sharpening your knife before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. In fact, that means that you should definitely do it.

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Survival Hax Roadside Emergency Kit Review

Many preppers spend much time and money preparing for extreme problems such as SHTF or even TEOTWAWKI. They sometimes forget that prepping is as much involved in day-to-day survival as the extreme catastrophes. Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in our autos, but many people fail to have a proper emergency kit in them. Survival Hax makes a good basic roadside emergency kit to get you started.

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In Flander’s Fields. And Why Veterans Increasingly Matter

21768210_10155575907452221_742177763212044266_n“In Flanders fields the poppies grow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.   Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

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 Guide to Picking the Best Mattress and Sleeping Pad for Survival

This is a guest article by Will Bermudez 

sleeping pad“Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!” This already famous truism is the perfect advice for all humanity: the smartest thing to do to ensure our survival is to have a strategy for the times when such planning will be required. One may hope those times will never come, but being ready for any circumstances is a moral duty. One essential detail you need to think about when developing a survival strategy – whether if it is for living in the wild or for surviving a natural disaster – is sleeping arrangements

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So How Do We Protect Our Houses of Worship?

Again. A church was attacked. 26 people, some children were murdered. As usual, the liberal cry of “gun control” rings out, ignoring that the murderer was stopped by two honest citizens with guns before he could continue the carnage.

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Survival Water Filter by Survival Hax

Drinkable water is going to be on the top of the survival priority list in any situation. Whether you are stranded on the road for three days, evading a natural disaster for three weeks, or dealing with TEOTWAWKI for the next three decades, without having enough clean drinking water to stay alive, all of your other preps will not matter.

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Survival Hax 10 in 1 EDC Keychain

EDC (Every Day Carry) are those items you want on you (or within immediate reach) at all times. Each person’s EDC kit will be different and will be based to a large degree on personal preference, and to some degree on your usual location.

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Survival Fishing Tips: How to Spearfish

This is a guest article by Lisa Johnson

You are interested in becoming an expert underwater hunter and you are searching for some spearfishing tips? Everyone is interested in becoming a great spearfisher and this article of spearfishing guidelines and tips will improve you quickly and make you a great spearfisher.

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Why Should You Learn Bow Hunting for Survival?

Learning survival skills isn’t everyone’s plans as most people rarely plan to become survivals one day. What if the worst happens and you have to hunt for food to survive?

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Valley Food Storage Dehydrated Peanut Powder.

For those wishing to stockpile foods for long-term storage, there are a number of options. There are many companies that specialize in dehydrated foods, and the best advice you can get is to decide what you are going to need, and sample a variety from different companies.

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Are You Neglecting Your Preps? Now Is Not The Time!

We live in interesting times. And I see the Prepper Community reflecting that. Up until the early morning hours on November 9th many people increased their prepper activities at a fast pace expecting Killary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. Myself included.

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Survival Hax Survival Shovel

survival_shovel_1_1024x1024One of the fun things about doing a survival blog is that manufacturers and dealers will often send you one of their items to test. I have some definite policies on this. I do not accept money for the review. I get to keep the item. And I will only write an honest evaluation.

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Trump Won So It’s OK Now. Right?

donald_trump_by_gage_skidmore_12Not just yet folks. Not just yet. Like many preppers and patriots I fell into the trap of believing the news media polls that Donald Trump was behind, and even though a close election, Killary Clinton was going to be our next President. I went to bed early Nov. 8th, expecting to wake up to just that.

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An Open Letter to President Elect Donald J. Trump

trump-top_20161109_090434Dear Mr. Trump,

Well, I went to bed last night thinking I was going to wake up to Killary being our president, and the horror show that would entail. I woke up this morning to find that the Trump Train choo-chooed accross the country. Congratulations Sir!

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How To Prepare Your Homestead or Property To Protect You During SHTF Situations

mummonmokki(This is a guest article by William Sheridan of Best Home Security )

Survival is a job that modern civilization makes very easy. Do you have plans to keep on doing it when the support structure you rely on falls away? Survivalists call this the “Sh#t Hits The Fan” or SHTF scenario.

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Notes on Keeping Your AR Running

m-4-soldierThe world is rapidly changing and smart preppers pay attention and try to adapt to the changes. In regards to firearms and ammunition, there is a very real possibility that we will elect a President who is an avowed enemy of the 2nd Amendment.

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This Election As A  SHTF Scenario

6080137063_71b986b12f_bIf your reading this blog, odds are, you are already aware of how serious this election in November is.

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Documentation To Take If Bugging Out

BF-AB155_02docJ_E_20110701215220Often times when we think of bugging out we consider a number of tangible things: Vehicle to use, equipment, food, water, and defensive weaponry to have readily available for a quick move out are just some of the things to consider.

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Keep Russia Russian!

(Re blogged from Thoughtfully Prepping). (Amazing! An ex KGB Communist dictator actually gets it! While our “freely elected” politically correct fools don’t!)

putinVLADIMIR Putin is attempting to outlaw “alien values” in Russia’s judiciary system with a raft of new rulings.
Putin’s party want all laws to reflect the country’s traditional values.

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S&W M&P 15 Sport-II

m&P 2Most of my readers know that I tend to favor the AK system over the AR system for a number of reasons. I describe them here. But for a while I have decided to add an AR platform rifle to my battery.

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Deadly Force: Have You Really Thought About It?

Violators-Will-be-Shot-K-7669My company teaches a range of defensive firearms classes including Arizona Concealed Carry. And it never ceases to amaze me how few people have ever really seriously  considered the ramifications of using deadly force against another human being, either in a current Rule of Law situation, or even TEOTWAWKI Without Rule Of Law.

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The Survival Mule. A Combination Locker/Trailer

3d4d00626ce4649714784624e563b73eNecessity is the mother of invention. A lot of good ideas are born when someone has a need, can’t find it on the market, so developes it himself.

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Tactical Pistol Shooting 2nd Edition

Tactical Pistol ShootingIt wasn’t that many years ago that this type of information was hard to come by. Erik Lawrence is a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, and this second edition of his book is an outstanding reference.

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“Us” looking Inwards. (Another excellent article from Thoughtfully Prepping)

selfexaminationDo you know yourself?
I mean REALLY know yourself?
Can you look into a mirror and analyse yourself?

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In Defense of the Venerable 1911a1 .45acp

untitledNew innovations replace old ideas and we call it progress. The plethora of modern high-capacity magazine handguns has caused many to relegate the 1911a1 to the trash heap along with the Model T Ford. Hold on cowboys, not so fast!

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The Zika Virus. What It Means To You

Anopheles_stephensiMosquito borne diseases have been the bane of mankind from the beginning.  Malaria, for example, is an ancient disease that probably originated in Africa. It has been described by the Chinese as far back as 2700BC and the Sumerians from 1700 BC.

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When it all begins

Although this is from an excellent U.K.based blog, the principles certainly apply here in the US.

Thoughtfully Prepping

accesscontrolWhen what begins? Whatever, it doesn’t matter.
During a crisis aka event, SHTF, scenario, or whatever you want to call it, loads of people will go into instant brain lock.

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Oral Hygiene When SHTF

Toothbrush-20060209Sometimes when prepping, it is the little things we forget to prepare for. And often, it is things we do daily, like brushing our teeth. Not as glamorous a subject as the fastest way to reload an AK, how to build a fire in the rain, or how to find water in the desert. But it is a subject, that if ignored, can put you down seriously. And possibly permanently.

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The M-1 Garand As A Plan B Rifle

m1_garand_rifle_-_usa_-_30-06_-_armc3a9museumThe attack on “assault rifles” has begun anew. Regardless of the hoopla in the media, the odds of any significant restrictive legislation being passed at the federal level is slim until the results of the next presidential election at least. However certain local People’s Republics continue to assail the Constitutional rights of American citizens in regards to the types of firearms they can own.

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My Top 10 Favorite Prepper Blogs For 2015

Picture1There are a LOT of prepper oriented blogs on the internet. A LOT! You could spend a whole day (or more) trying to do just a brief visit of many of them. As a prepper blogger myself, I spend a bit of time reviewing other blogs for some essential reasons. Partly for my own education and entertainment, and partly to see what trends preppers seem to be interested in.

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Protective Masks For Preppers

M50_gas_maskDepending on what you perceive to be the major threats you wish to prepare for, there is a tremendous amount of equipment and supplies to choose from. Should a protective mask be a part of your preps? How do you go about making that decision? And what kind of mask would you want?

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10 Items To Stockpile For A Disaster

TornadoThis is a guest article by Barbara Allen (Nom de plume). Nature is known for not giving a rat’s about humanity and what we do in relation to politics and war. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid of a future economic collapse (and therefore refuse to buy gold to prepare for it) or afraid of the amount of war going on in the world right now, that is completely fine.

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Ground Insulation When Sleeping Outdoors

Therma rest z lite_I recently did an article on selecting sleeping systems for SHTF. Having a quality sleeping bag is a necessity in most climates, but it is only part of the story. Insulating yourself from frozen ground, ground moisture and wind are also critically important.

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Sleeping System Selection For Preppers

91ay4IcH-BL__SL1500_In a SHTF situation, sleep is going to be a critical component of your survival. Especially if you have to bug out, proper sleeping gear can be of paramount importance. So how do you go about selecting proper sleeping gear, especially a sleeping bag?

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Body Armor. Should You Include It In Your Preps?

untitledI get this question sometimes from students in my classes, and by e-mail from people who read this blog. So, as an average prepper (if there is such a thing) should you spend the money and effort to get body armor, and if so, what kind?

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What Skills Can You Barter in SHTF or TEOTWAWKI?

Preppers often think in terms of extra supplies or equipment to survive an extended SHTF situation or even TEOTWAWKI. But at some point, those supplies will run out.

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Jiff_Peanut Butter For Prepping

It’s the food you slap between two pieces of bread and with a little jelly, and feed a hungry kid. (or a hungry you). It’s the midnight munchie sandwich, along with a glass of milk

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CrusaderWhy Christmas Matters. ( And Should Matter To Even Non-Christians)

December 25th is the day that Christians world-wide celebrate the traditional birth of Jesus Christ. The religious meaning to Christians is deeply felt. But Christmas, as well as Christians, are under relentless attack, both in Western Europe, and the United States.

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Runny_hunnySurvival Uses For Honey

Honey is one of the most amazing foods you can acquire. And it has a large number of uses in a survival situation. Cave paintings in Spain indicated that humans were harvesting honey as long as 8,000 years ago. Honey is made by honey bees from flowers. There are a lot of different varieties and flavors, but it is the survival benefits we care about here.

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suntactic 2Solar Options For Bugging Out Part 1. Man Portable

Everyone should think deeply on their options in a SHTF situation.  Even if your primary plan is to stay put and bug in, you still should have a bug out plan. A place to go, a route to it, bug out bags pre packed, and a concept on how you will operate while on the go. And a way to power small electronic devices you may be taking.

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esbit 1_Bug Out Bag Cookery

When you find yourself living out of a rucksack,( Bug Out Bag) either camping, or bugging out in SHTF, you carefully watch the size and weight of anything you carry.

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Radar2Situational Awareness=Staying Alive

The world is an increasingly dangerous place. Violent crime, expanding terrorist attacks, and the increasing possibility of economic collapse are all wake up calls to anyone with two brain cells working in tandem.  There are no magic bullets to keep you safe at all times. But there are techniques you can develop to give you the best chance.

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santa-gun-jpg_221736Have A Very Merry Prepper Christmas!

I posted some suggestion for Stocking Stuffers for Preppers earlier,and thought to give a look at some under the tree gifts you might consider

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200px-Jared_Loughner_USMSActive Shooter Incidents. Is Being Armed the Total Solution?

Active Shooter: “An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area, typically through the use of firearms”. Department of Homeland Security.

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Cold Steel's Recon TantoRecon Tanto: Cold Steel’s Excellent Fighting/Survival Knife

I have been an armed professional for over 40 years now, and quality knives have always been an important part of my personal kit. I have carried a wide variety over the years. The last one I carried in the Army and still carry is Cold Steel’s Recon Tanto.

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Tactical%20RifleThe Tactical Rifle (Book Review)

Gabriel Suarez is one of the most prominent small arms instructors on the scene today, and has been for quite some time. He is a former Southern California law enforcement officer who has been teaching advanced small arms training full time for a number of years.

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Quick Clot combat guaze_Quick Clot to Control Bleeding

It is a sad fact that throughtout history warfare has been the prime driving factor in human technology development. Recent wars have directed more attention to medical aid for wounded and injured soldiers.

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wfxza4czwe5jxlzzpt5lStocking Stuffers For Preppers

Yes, it is that time of year again! Preppers around the world are gearing up for Christmas! Major purchases on lay away, and wish lists being created. I just love the Christmas tradition of the stocking and all the little goodies to be found inside. So I made a list, checked it twice, for all those preppers who were not naughty, but nice. Inexpensive, but useful stocking stuffers for that special prepper in your life!

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1280px-ThreefederalhydrashoksSelecting Ammunition for the Defensive Pistol

The handgun is in reality a poor defensive weapon compared to a rifle or shotgun. But it has the advantage of being lightweight, portable, concealable, and probably more likely to be on you when you need it.

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S&W_625JMRevolver vs. Automatic

Many of my students are civilians who will take a CCW class to learn the law in regards to self defense, or a basic pistol class to enhance their marksmanship skills. Many of them are not involved in apprehending bad guys or offing terrorists for a living. When it comes to firearms selection they have many questions as to what the “best” handgun to use is.

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Picture1Survival Rifle on a Budget. The Mosin-Nagant

The French development of smokeless rifle powder coupled with their developing an 8mm cartridge for it, and a new rifle, the 1886 Lebel set off an arms race with the major powers each attempting to field a bolt action rifle chambered for a smokeless powder cartridge as soon as possible.

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Safepacker holster with pistolThe Safepacker Pistol Holster

The Safepacker holster is one of those unique designs that fulfill a number of functions. Constructed of tough Cordura nylon and thick closed-cell neoprene padding, the Safepacker was originally designed to completely protect a firearm and reload for armed mountain rescue teams

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SKSThe SKS as a Civilian Defense Rifle

Many people are making a personal decision to purchase a rifle for defensive purposes. There are many reasons for this. As I have stated often, the handgun is in reality a poor defensive weapon, it’s only real advantage being small and light enough to be carried easily either open or concealed.

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1024px-ak-47_type_ii_part_dm-st-89-01131The AK as a Defensive Rifle for Preppers

I have carried and used various models of the AK from Vietnam to Afghanistan and a lot in between. I use it as my basic defensive rifle now. Here is why.

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Condor IFAK openCondor Rip Away IFAK Pouch

A good IFAK choice. An Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is an essential piece of preparation gear.You want one that you can carry on you conveniently and still have enough items to take care of emergencies until you can get more help or to your larger medical supplies.

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Israeli bandage_Israeli Combat Bandage

THE bandage to buy! Just about the time you think no one can build a better mouse trap, sombody comes along and does.

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surefire x 300 ultra_Should You Mount A Light On Your Handgun?

Weapon mounted lights have been around for some time now. Various people have different views in regards to them. Are they a help? A hinderance? Are they worth the financial expenditure out of your preps budget? Lets see if we can answer these questions.

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i-am-the-storm 2Are You The Storm?

Although I have been a “Prepper” of one sort or another all of my life,  it wasn’t untill I started this blog that I interacted to any degree with the Prepper community. Reviewing the vast number of prepper websites, I notice that there are different mental attitudes towards prepping.

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i phone 6The Smart Phone As A Survival Tool

Being a bit old school, I finally decided to join the 21st century and bought an Apple i-Phone 6. I did it primarily for business communication as I am handling a lot more now and needed more than just the functionality of phone and text that my old clam phone provided. As I started using it, I saw a number of features and apps that would be useful in a SHTF situation as well as day-to-day survival.

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Silent Running

200px-anne_frank“Teach the children quietly
For someday Sons and Daughters
Will rise up and fight
While we stood still.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?”
Mike and the Mechanics
Silent Running

f you think it can’t happen to you and yours, remember Anne Frank

Custom Glock Backplates

Dont' tread on meArmed professionals have been customizing their weaponry from the beginning of time. Warriors painted their shields with their own design, or the emblem of those they served. The firearms age continued the custom.

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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 2 Day Defensive Handgun Class

Front Sight 4As a professional firearms instructor, I know that you never learn it all. And it is important to take additional training from other instructors and organizations to stay on top of your game. So when a former boss gave me a Front Sight Legacy Membership which included a lot of free classes, I took the opportunity to start with their basic 2 Day Defensive Handgun class. So how did it go?

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The Bicycle In SHTF

Montague ParatrooperTransportation could be very important in a SHTF scenario. Each person and each group has different treansportation needs and capabilities depending on a number of factors. We have discussed the aspects of selecting a Bug Out Vehicle, but would a bicycle be a practical alternative or addition?

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Night Vision Considerations For Survival

Yukon Nvnt 400Night vision is a consideration many preppers avoid. Partly because the technology is foreign to them if they never used NVD’s in the military, and partly because of the perceived cost. But before you invest in that next expensive firearm, consider the possibility of a night vision device to go with one you already have. You might be glad you did.

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       991007-F-8032B-007How To Avoid or Survive A Carjacking

Many preppers consider prepping to be activities to prepare for a SHTF “Big One”. But staying safe and sound until then is also a serious part of prepping. Carjacking is an increasingly serious crime and protecting yourself from it should be part of your preps.

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