Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 2 Day Defensive Handgun Class

Front Sight 4As a professional firearms instructor, I know that you never learn it all. And it is important to take additional training from other instructors and organizations to stay on top of your game. So when a former boss gave me a Front Sight Legacy Membership which included a lot of free classes, I took the opportunity to start with their basic 2 Day Defensive Handgun class. So how did it go?

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Warning Shot. Do You Ever?

DIN_4844-2_Warnung_vor_einer_Gefahrenstelle_D-W000_svgAs a firearms instructor I am frequently asked by students if it wouldn’t be a good idea to shoot a warning shot before having to shoot another person in self defense in their home. This is an honest and legitimate question asked by intelligent people who would prefer not to harm anyone if possible. I get very few questions that have a cut and dried answer, but this is one of them.

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How to Select a Firearms Instructor

InstructorWhat Qualifies Them to Teach You?
Arizona has probably one of the highest concentrations of small arms instructors in the United States and a large portion of them are located here in the Valley of the Sun. They range from serious professionals who engage in full time small arms training to part timers who simply enjoy doing it as a prt time business. They also range from extremely good to, well, sort of O.K. A few are probably down right amateur

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