Web Links

Here are some resources on the web that I know and think would be useful to you. check them out. The list will continue to grow.

In the Arizona Area

The Wilderness Tactical Products :Locally produced nylon tactical gear, and really nice folks to boot. www.thewildernes.com

Camelback Uniforms: A great local source for 5.11 Tactical Series Clothing, and another great group of folks. www.camelbackuniform.com

AZ Firearms :A great gun store in Avondale. Go check out their bolt action 20mm rifle! HIGHLY knowledgeable staff and super friendly: http://azfirearms.com

Joe Foss Shooting Range :This is an excellent place to shoot and the only really good public range on the West Side of the Valley of the Sun. I hold most of my classes here. Air conditioned classrooms and covered firing points. Run by volunteers of the Buckeye Sportsman’s Club. www.joefossrange.com

On the Web

The Well Armed Woman: Carrie Lightfoot has a tremendous website dedicated to providing information and products for women concerned with self defense. She has some highly informative videos also. Check her website at http://www.thewellarmedwoman.com/

Graywolf Survival: An excellent Prepper Blog. One of the best actually: http://graywolfsurvival.com/

Last One Alive: An interesting, well laid out blog. I recommend you read his article on knives here: http://lastonealive.com/best-survival-knife/ 

A Good Guide to Building a Survival Kit:http://huntingmark.com/survival-gear-list/