Advertising and Product Reviews


If you would like to advertise with us, send us an e-mail at

 Unlike many sites, we don’t just reblog other site’s material. We are currently number 41 on the Top Prepper Websites out of 100. Our readers are interested in your type of products. I will only advertise products or books that relate to defensive firearms or are prepper oriented.

Ads will be placed on the right hand column, with a limit of 10 ads. Ads will be rotated from top to bottom weekly, giving each advertiser equal exposure.

Ad Rates: Current rates are $50.00 per month, 3 months in advance. Monthly thereafter.

You supply the ad icon, up to 125×125 in size, and the link you want the icon to go to.

Product Reviews

If you would like us to do a review of your product, all it will cost you is an example of the product itself. You send it to us postage paid and I will test it. I will write an honest review on it and post it on the blog. I keep the product. You get a free review with my readers. This includes book reviews also. I only review products that are related to defensive firearms or prepping.

E-mail us at and we will arrange advertising or product testing with you.

Or you can send items you want reviewed, postage paid to:

Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions
500 N. Estrella Pkwy, Suite B2-267
Goodyear, AZ 85338