10 Items To Stockpile For A Disaster

This is a guest article by Barbara Allen (Nom de plume)

TornadoNature is known for not giving a rat’s about humanity and what we do in relation to politics and war. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid of a future economic collapse (and therefore refuse to buy gold to prepare for it) or afraid of the amount of war going on in the world right now, that is completely fine.

There is something you do have to be very afraid of, and that is a natural disaster. This is the one thing that humanity has no defense against. When nature decides that it has had enough of a particular part of the world, the scale of the disasters that occur is so terrible and huge that it will leave your jaw on the floor.

Indeed, the aftermath of a disaster is almost as bad as the pain that is inflicted during it. For example, when a hurricane hits a city, it can easily be blocked off by stormy weather conditions and debris. This can lead to the hundreds of thousands of people in the city being trapped without food, water, emergency services and a way out.

Be prepared for anything

However, you won’t have to suffer as much if you are stranded after a disaster has happened, as long as you prepare yourself, your home and your family for the eventuality. While mankind can’t defend against the disasters, we do have early warning systems in place to warn people long before the event actually occurs. If you are prepared even before this system warns you, you are immediately going to have the tactical advantage in the field right after the disaster takes place.

For example, if the disaster that is coming in is a storm with a chance of floods, the early warning system would allow you to move all of the items you have stored for a disaster to higher ground. This will prevent your food and water as well as your medicines from being washed away. When a warning does come through, drop what you are doing immediately. If you have an evacuation plan, take it. Leave your material possessions behind – nothing is more important than your life.

10 essentials for survival

If you plan on riding the storm out in your home or a safe location, there are some items that you need to keep in storage for this situation. When it comes to it, you are definitely going to need these in order to get the best chances of survival and possible comfort.

1 – Water

Water brickStore enough water for every person to have a gallon a day. Get a water filter as well. This should be one that is portable so as to take it up to the roof if you need to. It will serve you well if flooding causes the government supply of drinking water to become polluted. If you live near the CDC, it would be best not to touch the flood water unless your need is dire. Just saying.

2 – Non-perishable foodMRE_20071124

Canned food is a good example of this. Any food items that can be kept for years without an expiry date fall into this category too. You need to make sure that you have the right items to help you get through the experience in one piece. Make sure that you also stock a can opener or two in there. The last thing you want is to be surrounded by cans of food without a way to open them up.

These are the two most important things to have. In addition to this, have a supply of:

Mini%20Mag%20Lights3 – Flashlights and extra batteries

4 – Candles, lighters and matches

5 – Clothes and blankets

6 – Cooker (stove)esbit 1_

7 – Source of heat (kerosene heaters are good)

8 – Alcohol and cigarettes

9 – First aid kitIFAK

10 – Basic tools

These are just 10 of the hundreds of items you can have to survive and barter with in a disaster situation.

6 thoughts on “10 Items To Stockpile For A Disaster

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  2. You might be able to trade a gold coin for a loaf of bread but it would be hard to find someone with diabetic, respiratory, and hypertensive medication who would be available to trade for your gold. You could get a years supply at the drug store now very easily.

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  3. I think one of the most important item is essential medication. You might need help from your doctor to get extra. It should be easy if it isn’t a controlled substance such as hydrocodone or xanax. He might even provide prescriptions for that if he has been your family doctor for a long time.

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  4. Sorry, having food and water is critical for long term survival, and for these reasons are perhaps the ultimate barter items, but, they are by no means the most important items to have. Breathing contaminated air or touching contaminated anything can kill you quicker than lack of food or water, so filtration masks and protective gloves is of higher importance. Being too cold or too hot for a period of time will kill you much quicker than lack of food or water, so clothing, shelter and heat are more important. Bleeding profusely will kill you much quicker than lack of food or water, so first aid supplies are more important. Someone taking your food or water can kill you. And so on. Nothing wrong with anything you suggest, just the relative importance.

    And Gold is not a magical cure for economic collapse. Keep in mind that if by some miracle someone has a loaf of bread they don’t need, and you have a 1oz gold coin, sure, you may be able to make the trade. I would not count on getting “change”…

    Gold is an option for “large” amounts of “extra” money which may allow it to be brought through the crisis relatively unscathed, but as a barter item, it is unwise except for the very wealthy (who can afford to pay an ounce of gold for each loaf of bread) and even for them it is not wise. Silver is much more practical as a part of your monetary/barter inventory. Critical and desirable barter items are even better.

    Also, having “stuff” without the skills to use it is a questionable decision. If you will be doing barter, you had best practice it now before your and your family’s lives depend on it. Advanced first aid, primitive cooking, water purification, fire building and basic tool usage skills all go along with the items you suggest.

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