“Us” looking Inwards.

Another excellent article from Thoughtfully Prepping

Thoughtfully Prepping

Do you know yourself?
I mean REALLY know yourself?
Can you look into a mirror and analyse yourself?

I’m working with SWMBO on this article as we work as a double act each seeing different aspects of the other and everything in general. That and she is a scary judge of a person. A useful trait in survival.
pairnoarmThere are a number of theories going about regarding the best survival number or group make up.

  • The singleton (preferably with a dog).
    Able to move rapidly, responsible for themselves, no debate on decisions, no group rules or group loyalty to follow.
  • The Pairing.
    By design or necessity. Each looking after the other’s back. Still retaining mobility.
  • The unit.
    • Military foundation.
      Clear defined roles and command structure. Tends to be inflexible, often predictable, lacks spontaneity and inventiveness on the fly, and sometimes too inwardly looking.
    • Family orientated.
      Will usually follow the hierarchy…

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