How To Prepare Your Homestead or Property To Protect You During SHTF Situations

mummonmokkiSurvival is a job that modern civilization makes very easy. Do you have plans to keep on doing it when the support structure you rely on falls away? Survivalists call this the “Sh#t Hits The Fan” or SHTF scenario. It means making your household safe and self-supporting for an indefinite amount of time. Here are some important general strategies for getting your property or homestead ready for such a situation.

Always Have A Bug-Out Plan

To start with, you need to consider a fundamental question of survival strategy: Hunker down or bug out? Do you stand firm on your existing property and make it self-sufficient and secure, or do you flee to a less dangerous place? There is plenty of helpful advice for pursuing both strategies and a healthy SHTF plan may well combine the two – bugging out of your day-to-day home to settle on a prepared rural property, for example.

Bugging out Regardless of what you plan for, put emergency plans and supplies in place to make retreating an option at any time. Bug-out bags aren’t just for escaping a city that’s become too dangerous to live in. You should have one prepared at all times so that you can get mobile without placing yourself in any more danger than is absolutely necessary. Plan redundant lines of retreat. The further down the list you get, the less preparation and research you’re going to be able to do, but that’s alright. Even a plan as simple as, “grab this backpack and head north” is preferable to being stuck in a dangerous place without options.

Balance Convenience Against Visibility

 Most survivalists who are seriously considering SHTF scenarios aren’t thinking about short-term interruptions of emergency services and the rule of law. They’re planning for an indefinite time frame where every instance of human contact is likely to be a risk. This is why you need to consider how visible your occupation of your survival property is going to be. Taking steps to conceal your presence can save you a lot of trouble.

In rural survival scenarios, for instance, being close to a reliable source of water is a huge convenience. It makes gardening, cooking and cleaning much easier for you. It also makes your property much more??????????????????????????????? attractive and tempting to outsiders. Strike a balance between concealment and convenience when you pick out your property and start making survival plans.

 Practice Vital Skills In Advance

 Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in an SHTF scenario requires good timing and fast, efficient work. These qualities are tough to achieve if all of your survival skills are based on something your read months or years ago and then forgot. Organize your day-to-day activities so that your ordinary mode of life gives you opportunities to practice survival skills.

Start a garden in your backyard or join a community garden if you live in an urban area to keep your 110701_BURKARD_50075thumbs green. Get out into the wilderness regularly to camp and be sure to camp a little rougher thanbill_stagg_turning_up_his_beans_pie_town_new_mexico__he_will_next_pile_them_for_curing_loc pulling your RV up to a campground with plumbing and wi-fi. If your SHTF plans include defending yourself with lethal force and they probably should, make sure you put in plenty of practice hours at your local gun range. All the plans in the world won’t Front Sight 5help you if you don’t have the skills to execute them.

 Detailed planning for an SHTF scenario is going to depend heavily on the type of property you have to work with, the skills your household brings to the table, and even the general climate conditions in your region. Regardless of the details, you should not lose sight of these basic principles. They will serve you in good stead in virtually any survival situation.

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4 thoughts on “How To Prepare Your Homestead or Property To Protect You During SHTF Situations

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  2. Bugging out as your first choice is almost a mantra in some circles.
    Yet it needs careful consideration.

    To bug out early BEFORE the main event
    You may attract attention.
    Travelling as one in many gives protection.
    Travelling as one alone attracts attention.
    It could leave you without “state help”, after all you left voluntarily.
    A ‘registered’ evacuee has rights over available supplies.
    You should consider that controls may have been imposed BEFORE the public are informed about them. you turn up without knowledge only to be turned back.
    Get your timing wrong and you could be in transit as the event happens.
    IF that is a CBRN event, your protection factor will be ZERO.

    To bug out during an event
    Brings about all the dangers of physical safety
    Having to contend with any CBRN contamination,
    Being incorrectly identified as a looter (your pack),
    Which also stands for you being armed,
    Becoming a person of interest from others less well equipped than you are.
    Being ‘handled’ by the rescue services who are following a plan you know is wrong but who won’t accept your protestations.
    Having to deal with failed or controlled services i.e. roads, rail, and other mass transit systems.
    A rapidly uncontrolled developing situation.
    Emergency and Leo’s working reactively without a chain of command of even guidelines aka rules of engagement.
    Lack of communication or information.

    To bug out too late
    May lead to catastrophe when in transit or simply ‘arriving’ too late to get a share of ‘state help’.
    By now roads may be blocked off and transit controls in force.
    Control may have shifted from law enforcement to marshal law or even worse, para-military or criminal control.
    You may be moving without adequate knowledge of hazards.

    This is just a sample of what needs to be considered.


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