7 Best Survival Gadgets for All Your Outdoor Needs.

This is a guest article by Anthony Maldonado

There are plenty of outdoor activities. Some want to practice outdoor sports, some enjoy just running in nature, some want to go for hunting and some would enjoy just a picnic in nature or camping under the stars. It is very healthy to spend some time in nature. That way we clear our mind from the negative thoughts and release all the negativity. Our muscles relax and our lungs fill with fresh air. With the everyday use of the technology and working all week-long, we try to reconnect with our roots and spend some time in nature in order to recharge our batteries and have plenty of energy for the tasks we have to do. Most of the people want to use the free time they have to spend some time in nature with their friends and family and have a good time. They decide for some outdoor activity and enjoy the benefits they get from spending some time in nature.

Before deciding on any outdoor you  need to prepare and take the equipment needed in order to avoid some impediments that will ruin your time in nature. In this article, we offer 7 best survival gadgets for your outdoor needs.

  • Gadget number one – Personal water filter – There is no life without water, so you need to take plenty of water with you when you spend some time outdoors. Sometimes it happens that you run out of water, so the personal water filter is a must have  gadget with you when spending some time outdoors. Our bodies need to be hydrated so that they can work properly. This tool can be found online or in many shops. It is not very expensive. With the personal water filter you can drink any water you find near you. The filter filters the water and after that the water is safe or drinking. So, when you consider some outdoor activity make sure you do not run out of water or just take the personal water filter.
  • Gadget number two – A flashlight and a battery charger – During  darkness, you will need a flashlight with you. When spending  time camping or maybe doing some other outdoor activity you should have a flashlight and some batteries for it. Rechargeable batteries  will need a battery charger in case the ones you have do not work. A solar battery charger will be perfect for charging your batteries for your outdoor needs.
  • Gadget number three – A lighter – Whether you smoke or not you definitely should have a lighter with you. It is very useful  not only for lighting your cigarettes but also for starting a fire. You may need to get warm or you can use the fire as a source of light.
  • Gadget number four – A hand warmer – When your hands are cold you are unable to perform the activities you need to do. When our hands are warm we are able to do important tasks. Hand warming devices are easy to use; they are re-usable and can be used 12 hours straight. They make your hands warm faster than using gloves.
  • Gadget number five – Sun oven – This might be a more expensive gadget, but it will definitely serve you if you want to spend some time outdoors and prepare the food in nature by yourself. This oven uses the sun lights as energy and heats up to 200 degrees Celsius. You can prepare some food using this oven and enjoy your time outdoors.
  • Gadget number six – A gun – This may not be something that will come to your mind when you want to spend some time relaxing in nature, but it is something you must have with you. There are many animals in nature, especially in the woods. Animals see people as a threat and they just want to protect themselves so you need to have a gun with you in order to defend yourself from the possible danger.
  • Gadget number seven – First aid kit – When spending some time outdoors, you must have a first aid kit with you in case of accidents, or maybe if bitten by an insect, if you cut yourself accidentally and so on. Also have some disinfectant swith you and bandages in case you got wounded. You never know what may happen. It is better to be prepared.


Anthony MaldonadoAnthony Maldonado has over Thirty (30) years of experience in the field of hunting, sports and self-defense related fields. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and DIY. He is an expert in the area of DIY. He is presently working at his tenbesttipz.com



One thought on “7 Best Survival Gadgets for All Your Outdoor Needs.

  1. A Torch. Got one, 8 inches long, 2 AA cree led type.
    I take it everywhere on my belt because it is metal and doubles as a short baton.
    As for recharging it?
    It’s cheaper to buy bulk AA batteries (£1 for 16) than £30 plus for something which is pretty much useless 90% of the time in the UK.
    BUT exhausted batteries have another use if you keep a fire going.
    Should you sense something moving, I’ve chucked a couple in the fire before now and retired a safe distance. A couple of minutes later, BOOM! Excellent noise, with most fires scattering embers in a big cloud of sudden light. That’s scared off predators of the two legged type for me on a couple of occasions.
    What about those spare batteries and a bit of fine wirel wool or even tin foil?
    Even an AA battery will produce enough energy to start the wool burning or make a thin sliver of foil glow red hot. So now you have a secondary means of lighting fires.

    However the torch I mainly use is a single LED key fob type.
    Tiny things, light, compact, and scattered round my gear.
    The mercury button shelf has a very long shelf life and although the light isn’t exactly blinding (chuckle), it’s enough for most small tasks plus doesn’t exactly destroy your night vision.
    Often people buy torches with power in mind. Power equates to short life of batteries.
    When at night all you mainly need is no more than a single candle power.

    Another thought. Again for when in camp.
    A friend has a couple of those pretty garden solar rechargeable lights you can buy for a dollar that are hanging his pack during the day.
    Then, at night, they live inside his tent where it is just enough to see what you are doing.
    As for moving around at night in that camp?
    I got given a handful of tritium filled glass beads so I stuck a bead into the end of a short length of clear plastic pipe and now all I do to locate my bed, the cat scrape, and any dangers, is to push the pipe over a twig and I’ve got static ‘fireflies’ above the point of interest. No beamed light means once your night vision is working, they stand out a treat. Even better, they come in multiple colors.

    Sun oven. Don’t know where the author lives but a sun oven in the UK? ROTFL

    A gun. I WISH.
    Me thinking the author is on about a handgun but four other things keep wildlife away BUT will attract other people’s attention.
    Fire, noise, artificial light that is moving (suspend a loosely crumpled ball of silver foil on a string an let it blow around during the night over a low power torch stuck in the ground.
    Finally don’t cook or smoke where you are going to lay your head.
    My dog (let alone me) loves camp cooked food and will follow his nose to it.
    Bears especially (relatively few in the UK) but also other animals will follow cooking smells and curiously the stench from cigarette smoke for miles.

    Random thoughts.

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