A Good Knife Maker

The knife is the primary survival tool. If you find yourself in a survival situation and can only have one tool, it needs to be a knife. Why? Because you can make things with it.  You can make a fire, make a shelter, make weapons. A good knife is essential.

There are a lot of independent knife makers in the country. One of them, Todd Schexnayder of Hahnville Louisiana is one of them. Todd and I are served on the Army Pistol Team  together, and he does great work.  I have attached pictures of some his work for your review. If you are interested in his work, he can be contacted at  tschex01@yahoo.com. So if you like what you see, drop Todd a line.

You can see more of his work on his Facebook knife works page at  https://www.facebook.com/tschexnayder2/media_set?set=a.756809087687266&type=3





One thought on “A Good Knife Maker

  1. Nice steel.

    BUT would you like to know what the commonest knife is on the streets of London, UK?
    A 10 inch chef’s knife, £3-7. Usually stolen from the high street ‘cheap as chips’ shops.
    As seen on TV in the hands of many of the UK’s home grown ‘British’ terrorists.

    That and the old standby of many IC3 groups.The £12-20 16 to 20 inch machete.

    But lets not stop there.
    Ages from 8 upwards often carry box openers (carpet knives) and simple kitchen paring knives.
    Purely for self defence of course.
    They usually nicked from the local pound (£1) stores that are everywhere in the UK..

    After all it’s not what you carry but the speed you can deploy it and the accuracy of the cut that matters.
    With no legal deterrent worth a spit, it’s a wise man that watches both the hands and the intent in the eyes from toddlers upwards.


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