3 thoughts on “Mask Your Preps

  1. Good advice.
    My worry is people don’t understand that if you get drenched in PAVA, Pepper, or some other powder or liquid, your problem might not happen then but it sure as heck will when you remove that mask.

    So if you do get splashed or whatever, decontaminate (a LONG warm >not hot< shower in full kit) BEFORE you take that mask off.

    Even then have the appropriate antidote to hand.

    There is also a VERY good reason why CBRN manuals say 'ditch your contaminated clothing OUTSIDE. Some riot gases and sprays and chemicals are oily or powder in suspension, so don't be popping your kit into the washing machine and hope you won't itch (or worse) after everything has dried.

    Note to that filters (even Mil spec) DON'T take kindly to water so if you are fire hosed, you may need to change hat filter on the rush. Once a filter is wet it MUST BE DISCARDED.

    Keep up the good work Jim.


    • Thanks Paul,
      Have only had the channel up for a week, and doing well with 83 subscribers. I did my home work before launching, and vids are like WordPress articles: You have to keep them short to retain their interest. There was a lot more I wanted to say, and maybe will do a part 2 on the subject. Hope this finds you well.

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