New Gun Owner? Consider This.

Over the last few months, a tremendous number of Americans have purchased firearms because of the current situation. There are things to consider AFTER buying a gun for the first time. Watch the video here.

3 thoughts on “New Gun Owner? Consider This.

  1. Using within the law works yet it’s seldom the deed but the aftermath you’ve got to live with. Owning a gun legally and using it against a foe in civilian life, comes with a shedload of pain even though you were in the right.

    I don’t show and tell, and that has put me at odds with some instructors when they spout off. Especially those who have never lived the aftermath of the police, the inquiry, court proceedings, how that hammers your finances. The loss of friends, and the sideways looks of ‘I know you killed someone’.

    Even down to losing your job ‘to preserve the company’s image’.
    Losing your family, or having to move away because your kids get taunted in school. I’ve known families who had to move their kids from schools as the (wet behind their Liberal ears) governers were ‘horrified’ that the parents used a gun at all!

    Oh yeah the 2nd is your right in America but it does come with awesome responsibilities and pain if you use it. The least of which is you running the scenario again and again in your dreams.

    Would I advocate everyone getting a gun for self defense?
    My gut reaction is yes in a gun rich environment, but with qualification.

    Get informed by the experiences of others who have lived ‘what happens next’ and not just the gunhoe in life BEFORE buying that weapon.

    Because unless you understand what you could lose, you’re just living ‘the American dream’.

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    • You are absolutely right, and the subject of a future video. When I taught Arizona Concealed Carry classes, I spent a lot of time covering the ramifications of even a righteous shooting in your own home. A bit more than call 911 for body removal and the carpets cleaners for an appointment. A lot more.

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      • Thank you Sir.
        The last ‘of note’ righteous shootings here was the farmer Tony Martin, 67 who was jailed for manslaughter after he shotgunned a burglar after repeated night raids (which the police had done nothing about) on his Norfolk home in 1999.
        Everyone knows that was a showcase trial to make a point. A wrong point and the law was slightly changed after he got MASSIVE public support.

        Later still, and current, a 70 year old pensioner took on TWO men in his house during a night time home invasion. He killed one with a knife, the other one escaped.

        Result? Instant arrest for the pensioner ‘on suspicion of murder’.

        As always in the UK, the law abiding are always guilty until you can prove you aren’t some sort of maniac (which most old aged pensioners are).

        There was a fascinating insight published into how the legal profession views things when a top tier government solicitor (your prosecutors) said;
        “Does the law need changing? I don’t think so. You can’t go around giving carte-blanche to householders to permit them to shoot or stab anyone who steps into their home.”


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