One thought on “HydroBlu Jerry Can Water Filter.

  1. Like the concept but it falls down on two issues in the UK (three if you include the price).

    The bottom temperature won’t cope with our winter temps of an average -2 C (28 F). Lowest last winter, -16 C (3.2 F).

    After reading the user manual, I noted the cautions about dropping it, and letting the filters dry out.

    What can I say, I’m a fan of rugged!

    As for letting the filter dry out to stop mineral crystals? We live in a VERY heavy mineral area.
    We use Berkefeld SuperSterasyl ceramic filters in the house and they aren’t too bothered about that plus we are able to ‘plastic scourer’ any deposits off. Those filters? They have a core of activated charcoal.

    Out and about?
    We carry pool shock tabs for fast sterilization.
    We used to have iodized capped bottles but unless you remember to add half a Vitamin C soluble tab, the water always tasted funny.

    Then there is that price. Mm.
    Way too expensive for our pocket.
    An old styled Katadyn and iodized or ceramic filtered water bottles are available sub $75 US if you shop around here.

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