One thought on “Combat Breathing For SHTF

  1. Combat breathing is useful but one thing I have noticed about combat breathing is it tends to over oxygenate me. Thus I find it hard to settle into the shot. (Bear in mind I was a ‘stand off’ trigger).

    Usually, when in a set, spotters comment that I appear like I’m almost asleep even after the round has been sent down range.

    My pulse dropping to an average 45 BPM, and breaths average 9 BPM). You just can’t do that when you’re hyper-oxygenated.

    As for handling stress?
    I prefer to S.T.O.P something I’m pretty sure you’ll know well.

    There again, when taking fire, I’ve never thought much about what I’m doing with breathing. That and I always thank Gawd for large capacity mags!

    Keep safe my friend, as these are troubling time.


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