A Wake Up Call From Greece


Flag_of_Greece_svgThe Greek people just elected a far left (even Marxist) government in response to the mandated austerity program required of them for bail out money from their European partners. Greece is noted for the birthplace of democracy, and we certainly have to respect their choice of government. So what does this mean to us?

It means that the people of the United States of America need to wake up to some serious economic reality or we are going to end up in the same boat. Only we are not going to have any neighbors and friends who offer to bail us out if we tighten our belts and reign in uncontrolled government spending like the Greeks did. They had the option to turn down help (and destroy what’s left of their economy and society), we wont. I wish the people of Greece the best of luck, and I wonder how many Greek preppers saw this coming and made arrangements.

A growing number of Americans are starting to feel the same way. There has been a relatively small group of Preppers and Survivalists who have been getting prepared for any eventuality for a long time. But a large and growing number of Americans feel the need to start protecting themselves from any number of disasters both man-made and natural. And one of the most serious threats we face is our own economic and social stupidity.

I personally feel that our country is headed in the wrong direction and that we are facing some serious problems on the horizon. You cannot continue to spend money at the rate our government is without eventual serious consequences. But both political parties, in various ways, have convinced a sizable portion of the American public that they have a “right” to social welfare, and their fellow citizen’s money, and it doesn’t matter that we are going into uncontrolled debt to provide it to them.

Try this yourself. Continue to run up credit card bills on a monthly basis that exceed your monthly income. You can keep rolling credit card debt over until finally no one will lend you any more money. What is going to happen when the people who lend our government money finally refuse to do it anymore? I am not a financial expert, but you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to see what is happening.

The government will only have two choices. They can print more money to pay the bills and the ever-increasing social welfare programs which will lead to hyperinflation like happened in many other countries with the resulting ruined economy and social chaos. Or they can simply stop funding the social welfare programs that are bleeding us dry. And what do you think the people who depend on those welfare checks and food stamps are going to do? Sit in their public housing and starve to death? I think not.

This is not conspiracy theory or paranoid doom and gloom. It is simple mathematics. 2 plus 2 is only going to equal 4 no matter how long you try to pretend it equals 8. Politicians of both parties cannot figure out how to stop this runaway train and still stay in office so they continue to kick the can down the road figuring they will be well gone and set up before it all falls apart. Leaving you and me to hold the bag. And you know what the bag is full of.

So that is why a growing number of Americans are beginning to prep. I wish the folks in Greece the best of luck. But if we go the same route as Greece, there will not be anybody to wish it to us.





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