Alternative Survival Weapons: The Survival Slingshot

survival slinmgshot with arrowsWe recently discussed bows as a survival weapon. Lets take a look at slingshots to see if they are viable for the prepper kit. Like most kids, I had a toy slingshot that I got pretty accurate with using my roll your own spit balls. Tested my accuracy on the Old Man’s backside once. Very accurate. He then tested the accuracy of Grandpa’s razor strop on my backside. Very accurate. But today’s slingshots are a far cry from what we had as kids. They have been developed into some serious ordnance and deserve prepper consideration.

When I first started researching this article, I expected to find a lot of wrist rockets that could be suitable for survival purposes. What I didn’t expect to find were slingshots designed and engineered from the ground up as survival sling shots. And I do mean engineered. The first one that caught my eye is the Survival Slingshot. This slingshot is a 21st century design that has more in common with quality bows than it has with your childhood slingshot or even current wrist rockets. Designed by an aerospace engineer using state of the art 3D CAD software and 3D printers. This slingshot has a quick change yoke assembly to allow rapid change of bands.

Survival Slingshot Standard Model

Survival Slingshot Standard Model

It is made from aircraft aluminum with a hollow handle. The handle  will hold two tubes. One tube contains fishing weights, fish hooks, needles, pins, thread, and fishing line. The other tube will hold about 40 steel shot for ammunition. The end cap of the handle contains a compass. It has a 25lb. pull using  surgical tubing, but can be upgraded to 45lb bands if desired. The standard model is customizable as it has an integrated rail system with two mounting points. In addition, you can shoot regular arrows with it using the supplied split rings and bands.

Slingshot sniper bookIf you want the fully loaded model, the company offers an

Archer Model

Archer Model

Archer Model. This model is fitted with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit for increased arrow accuracy. The biscuit will fold away for normal use.  The photo to the right shows the Whisker Biscuit (an arrow rest with synthetic bristles and a hole in the center.)

This slingshot is lightweight and will fold flat. You can customize it to do a variety of things. I think this slingshot would make a viable addition to a bug out bag, and the advantages of it would justify the additional weight. It offers the option of silent hunting and even fishing in a lightweight, small package, that can use a variety of projectiles, many of which you can find in the wild. This is definitely a serious survival tool, and not a toy.

3 thoughts on “Alternative Survival Weapons: The Survival Slingshot

  1. Have you tried a sling bow out for hunting in real life?
    The ones I used were woefully inefficient, archery biscuit or not.
    To get any range and impact power (penetration) you need loads of force behind the draw and the more you have to pull, the less you can control the accuracy.

    As an area denial weapon shooting lead or ball bearings they are great but as a precision weapon over distance (50 m plus), not really unless you practice LOTS and then some.

    Some folk will claim mm accuracy and good for them, but for Joe Average, IMHO they are more of a novelty than a serious weapon.


    • I see the arrow launching capability as simply an ad on. If you also have a bow with arrows it might be useful to some degree. But I see a slingshot as a very portable, silent small game hunting tool that you could carry in your hip pocket and get into operation quicker than digging a bow off the rucksack. Practice is something that has to be done to effectively use any tool, or weapon. I agree that the average Joe would probably not practice enough with it unless he really was having fun using it anyway.

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