10 Bug out Bag Items for Under $20.00

SOS Food RationEveryone should have a bug Out bag for emergency evacuation. And a certain set of necessities in it. And many of these necessities can be be pretty darn cheap and still be quality items. Here is a list of useful bugout bag items you should consider that won’t break the bank.

Many preppers are on a budget, and a bugout bag should be one of the first things you put together. I discussed Putting a Bug Out Bag Together in another article which was part of our Beginning Prepper Series. I selected $20.00 as an arbitrary number because most folks can usually spring for twenty bucks for something they need. However, many of these items are well under $20.00, and many under $10.00. Lets look at the list:

Portable Aqua water Purification TabletsPotable Aqua Water Purification Tablets $4.95

Purifying water is going to be a serious issue in a SHTF situation.




Storm Proof Match HolderStormproof Match Holder. $8.02

You should have at least three ways to start a fire. This kit will keep your matches dry and comes with three strikers.


Life Straw Personal FilterLife Straw Personal water Filter

This is the most expensive item on the list at $19.95, but this is also probably the most popular personal water filter in the world.


Gerber bear Grylls Fire StarterGerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter $11.54

Once again, have three ways to start a fire. Comes with a built-in signaling whistle.


Signal mirrorSignal Mirror. $7.99

This can be useful for a number of things. There are many cheap ones out there, but this one is quality made.



SOS Food RationSOS Food Ration $8.19

Coast Guard approved, 3-day packet with 5 year shelf life. It is 3600 calories for three days which is only 1200 calories a day. OK for the short-haul, but would need to be supplemented for longer periods of sustainment.


mini-bic-lightersMini-Bic Lighters $5.90

Another great way to start fires.


Paracord550 Para Cord 100 Feet $8.59

Para Cord is just an essential item for your Bug Out bag. It has millions of uses.



Mylar blanketMylar Emergency Blankets $8.05

These will get the job done for a while, although they are prone to tearing. They were designed to be emergency use items. Small, light, you can fit a number of them in your bug Out bag.


Mini Cree LEDCree Mini-Flashlight $4.71

This is one tough, bright, inexpensive flashlight that belongs in every bug out bag.


Essential items do not have to be super expensive. And inexpensive doesn’t have to mean cheap.

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