Buying a Bug Out Bag

Note: This is the sixth article in our series for the beginning prepper. If you want to read them in order, you can start here.

So now you have accumulated the necessary items to put a bug out bag (BOB) together and you need something to put it all in. Based on the premise that you may end up being foot mobile in a bug out situation, a rucksack is called for.

511 rushThere are many good quality rucksacks of both civilian and military design on the market. So let’s take a look at the characteristics of a good BOB to look for.

We have already discussed color previously. I differ from others in that I do not think color really matters. Obviously hot pink might not be a good idea, but whether BOB is camouflaged, black or any of the other “taboo” colors is irrelevant. Some people have the theory that a military style camouflage BOB will “give you away” to all of the non prepared people around you. They then recommend that you buy an AR, AK, or serious shotgun to defend yourself with. I wonder why they think those won’t give you away as a “prepper” who may have something to take. Once again, think these things through seriously before you take any survival “Guru’s” internet opinion at face value.
The color of BOB is irrelevant.

So what are you looking for? Size for one thing. BOB needs to hold the items you have accumulated for a three day survival and a little more space. Notice I haven’t discussed clothing yet.
BOB also needs to have wide and comfortable straps as well as a waist strap. BOB needs to be comfortable. BOB needs lots of compartments and pouches in order to organize things for quick access. It should have MOLLE (pronounced Molly) loops to allow you to attach additional items on the outside when needed.

Below are some typical examples of available bug out bags and are only listed to start giving you an idea of what to look for. Once again, do your research and buy wisely.

Sandpiper of California is a company that makes an excellent line of rucksacks. The Long Range Bug Out Bag is representative of their line.

Long range bug out bag


511 is a company that makes an excellent clothing line as well as great tactical gear. Their 511 Rush series bags are quality gear and a good choice for your BOB

511 rush

511 rush 2

Many of these rucksacks are set up to enable you to place a water bladder from Camelback inside. Camelback makes a good line of rucksacks also. Their Mil Tac HAWG is an excellent BOB choice with plenty of pockets, MOLLE and comes with a 3 liter water bladder and hose.

Mil Tac Hawg

The above three rucksacks are just examples of the hundreds of possibilities and choices you have. Ask around, shop around and choose wisely, because the BOB you marry may have to have your life riding in it!

OK Begining Prepper. You probably have your hands full selcting and aquiring the 72hr kits you need. Lets now talk about something that concerns you now and will concern you as long as you prep (or even breathe) Operation Security(OPSEC)

6 thoughts on “Buying a Bug Out Bag

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  2. Drab is good, drab and artificially “distressed” is better.
    Our bags look like sh#t yet the frames and straps are top notch.
    You need to hit that middle mark. Walmart yet not quite Maceys.
    Even then as we traverse areas, in posh locations we pull a cheap rucksack cover over them to look “expensive”. Gucci cam we call it.

    Military styling doesn’t matter unless it looks tactical then even when looking smart, the nice people in life remain suspicious and the scum look at you as food on the move.

    Stupid as it seems a hat can make the difference.
    No hat and they can read you faces. Good in a posh area, bad in the sh#t.
    Wool watch cap and you are hired help. Funny enough you come across as not much of a threat to anyone.
    Tactical headgear and there is danger from both sides.
    Posh think you are the authority until they get close.
    The scum think you are authority and usually draw down on you on sight.

    Matching gear, sack and clothing and the scum will attack.
    Better to look together but not the same.
    Even to what you are wearing on your feet.


    • Again, environment is a key issue. I avoid camoflage totally in both clothing and kit. The last thing I want to look like is a soldier or SWAT Team member. I go for drab 511 outdoor clothes which are pretty normal here in the States, or even good jeans. Plain baseball cap which is common here. Baby BOB in the jeep is black, pretty common here, and Big BOB in the closet is well worn OD I dragged around Kosovo and Aghanistan. I enjoy your comments and perspective.

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  3. Good article. Like the previous the subject is approached dispassionately, without pressure to choose this or that because it is ‘tacticool’.


    • Thank you Sir. My goal is to get the beginning prepper guy or gal to understand basic concepts and then steer them towards quality proven items so that they can then make their own decisions and choices based on their individual situation. I’m glad you liked the article.


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