Defensive Firearms Resources For Women

Ladies CCWI am old enough to remember when the average Jane depended on the average John to protect her.  When I was a kid, a woman carrying a concealed handgun with license to boot was a real rarity. But no more. The ladies are taking their self-defense reins in their teeth. You’ve come a long way baby!

I spent 8 years of my Army career as a professional shooter/instructor and have been a firearms instructor for over 30 years. I currently have my own defensive firearms school Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions. Me on range During these years I have had the opportunity to train a lot of women  in defensive firearms. In the Army, it used to irritate me to hear men whine that they couldn’t handle the big bad .45 because of the recoil and it was inaccurate, when I was able to train 95lb soaking wet female soldiers to be effective with off the rack 1911a1s. I have found that often women are easier to train than men. They don’t carry that “mucho macho” attitude and you don’t have to “untrain” them first. They tend to listen and learn.

And in increasing numbers, women around America have been listening to what is going on and learning from it.women-with-guns-ryanlatta-flickr Women have become instrumental in turning the tide of anti-gun legislation, and are taking training to protect themselves against criminals. And because of that, there is a growing market catering to women’s defensive firearms needs.


There are a considerable number of training opportunities for women now. At the national level, the NRA has developed programs specifically for women. wotisc2Women have begun starting their own female centric programs. Carrie Lightfoot has The Well Armed Woman.  She woman-shooting-at-the-range-300x190not only provides a wide variety of shooting equipment geared towards women on her on-line store, but has begun a program teaching women to be firearms instructors. At the local level, ladies like Janine Gabucci Presson who runs Bitterroot Women’s Shooting School in Montana bwss-janine_studentsusccaare running defensive firearms training programs for women. These  women oriented training opportunities are springing up all over the country, and there is probably one near you. And if you can’t find one, I am sure the ladies above will be glad to help you.

ProductsConcealed carry for women book

There are a tremendous number of products that have been developed to enable women to carry concealed. One of the first efforts was the design of purses with built-in holsters for women to carry concealed.

Mainstream manufactures such as 41xMDIg3dJLGalco offer specialty purses such as the Galco Del series holster purses with built in concealed holsters.

Roma Leathers offers a reasonably Roma Leather Holster pursepriced holster purse with a concealed pocket for handguns. These are only a small sampling of the large number of fashionable but functional pistol holsters for women. Purses are not the only clothing items available for a lady to conceal carry.

Under Tech offers a tank top undergarment with a built-in holster made of 88% polyester. that comes in women’s sizes medium and large. This item is worn by FBI, TSA and the Secret ServiceUnderteck tank top

 Under Tech concealment shortsUnder Tech also makes a ladies concealment shorts with a built-in holster band.

Belly bands are a popular holster choice for women and Big Shebang hip huggerThe Big SheBang Hip Hugger is one of them. It Has 3 holster positions, 1 Appendix, 2 Kidney  with  3 additional pockets for magazines, smart phone, lipstick, knife, taser, etc.

Bra holsters are an option for ladies and the Flash Bang series are custom tailored to specific handgun models.Flshbang bra holster by Loper Law Enforcement

Garter holster are a viable option for ladies when wearing long dresses. Bulldog Cases Lace garter holster is just one example.Bulldog Cases Lace Garter holster

These examples of training and products are only a small sample of the resources available to any woman who wants to be trained and equipped with a firearm to protect herself. So if you are, or know of a lady who wants professional firearms training, her resources are almost unlimited.


6 thoughts on “Defensive Firearms Resources For Women

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  2. Thanks for the shout out! This summer has been so crazy that I have fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs, such as yours :-) Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care.


  3. Always the butt of service humor and for my “sins”, I was detailed to coach the women in combat pistol (Browning) and those who wanted, target rifle. (i.e. the L42A1).

    I cottoned on real quick that women listened, concentrated, applied themselves more, and didn’t come with some B.S. notion of how to shoot.
    Thus they became more proficient in less time than the average male.

    Only there was this small problem to deal with.
    Male ego aka Mr. El Macho.

    After talking it through with the other instructors we decided to quash that HARD and started a pool bull for the best group / score on every discipline and weapon on every training session. £5 per person.

    Most times my girls ended up taking me out for a drink that night with their winnings. Nice when a plan works isn’t it!

    The ultimate for me was when one of my first students passed all their exams and practicals and became an instructor in her own right.

    My reward? Typical forces, re-assigned to training the idiots again..

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    • LOL! Of course! When you challenge the establishment view and win, they gotta do something to save face. Eliminate the answer to the problem instead of eliminating the problem! I think our two Armies are very similar, being run by perpetual 2nd Lieutenants!

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