Israeli Combat Bandage

THE bandage to buy! Just about the time you think no one can build a better mouse trap, sombody comes along and does.

This is THE emergency bandage you want in your IFAK ( Individual First Aid Kit) and other medical kits. Developed by an Israeli medic and initially produced by a four man operation, this bandage rapidly became issue with the Israeli military, the United States military and countless other militaries around the world. Israel has been in more or less continuous war since it’s founding in 1948. They have developed a serious military industry that is a leader in not only hi-tech arenas but in personal weapons and equipment as well. They take the lives of their individual soldiers seriously. My son is on his second tour as an Infantryman in Afghanistan and he and his buddies swear by these.

What makes this bandage so special is that it can be applied to difficult places one handed by the wounded individual. They come in four different sizes, 4, 6 and 8 inch.

Israeli bandage_

The plastic piece has a hook on each end to affix the bandage, and if necessary can be twisted and hooked to perform as a tourniquet.

Israeli bandage use

712rIweRUQL__SL1194_This is the bandage to buy. Buy a number of them and an extra to practice with. They are manufactured for the military in Israel and also by commercial firms. I recommend that you get the Israeli military version. Be sure to inquire about the expiration dates on any you consider buying and shop around.

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