Luci Solar Powered Inflatable Lantern

Luci lanternjpgEvery ounce you save in your bug out bag is important, and having a proper light source whether bugging in or out is essential. This inflatable, waterproof , light weight solar powered lantern fills the bill. The Luci Solar Powered Inflatable Lantern is truly an amazing invention.

Having a reliable light source is a major challenge for preppers, campers, and even military personnel. Weight and size are always factors when you have to carry your gear on your back, and if your light source is battery operated, you need some sort of solar recharging capability for sustainability. The Luci Solar Powered Inflatable Lantern solves a whole bunch of these problems in one convenient package. This little lantern is small enough when deflated to fit easily in your bug out bag or even your pocket. This lightweight lantern is fully waterproof, floats and is powered by its own 2 built in solar panels, eliminating the need to carry fuel or spare batteries. The manufacturer states that it will fully charge in 8 hours using the two built-in solar panels, longer in cloudy weather.  It is rated a 30-50 lumens and will light up an area of 10 square feet with it’s 10 LED lights. The manufacturer claims it will last for 12 hours at the lowest setting on a full charge. It has three settings: Bright, Super Bright, and Flashing.  It is rated to operate in temperatures of between 15 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At only $15.00 each, you can easily afford to have one in your bug out bag, vehicle, camper, and a couple for home use in a grid down situation.

15 thoughts on “Luci Solar Powered Inflatable Lantern

  1. OK, ordered a couple to check them out. Also ordered a couple of the other brand to see which is really better. The two companies are engaged in a legal battle, each claiming the other copied their product. This company seems to be more stable and have a wider product range, the other company claims better specs and currently has a lower price.


  2. Interesting concept; many unanswered questions.

    1) How long does it shine on a full charge?

    2) What is the brightness (lumens)?

    3) How long does it take to get a full charge in direct sunlight

    4) Will it charge in cloudy or indirect sunlight?

    With good specs, it could indeed be an invaluable piece of gear. With lousy specs, it could be a “toy”.


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