Paracord Spool Tool

Paracord spool tool_Every now and then I will run into a product that will leave me scratching my head thinking ‘Why didn’t I think of this”. This is one of them. Keeping your spare paracord manageable can be a chore. And when you want to use it you need to whip out the knife to cut the length, and then fish in your pocket for the cigarette lighter to melt the end to keep it from fraying. This little gem makes paracord using so much easier.

The Spool Tool is a neat little multi functional tool designed to store, cut, and finish paracord. It will hold up to 100′ of paracord. The cutter is stainless steel and replaceable. It weighs only 2 oz., and measures 6″ x 3.5″. It has 8 multisize burn slots to finish the ends of heated paracord. It also has a built in carabineer hole.

Spool tool 2_It also has a retention system to clip a MINI BIC lighter to it.

The Spool Tool is a great little item to have in the bug out bag or maybe even your pocket.

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