Plan Your Preps for 2015 Part 2


Almeida_Júnior_-_Moça_com_LivroIn Part 1, we discussed how to organize your preps into lists. I used my Excel spreadsheet as an example, but any organized list system will do. By using organized lists, you can make a logical plan of how to continue your preps. By frequently checking your lists, one of which should be goals you want to achieve, you can sit down and plan this years prepping goals in a logical manner. But there is a method to goal setting. Lets consider it.

SMART Goal Setting

The acronym SMART has been used as a system of goal setting since the 80s. I am going to use ammunition as an example. It goes like this:


Goals need to be specific in order to attain them. It is not enough to set a goal of “increased ammunition supply” Break it down by caliber, and how many rounds of each you wish to acquire this year. For example, a specific goal would be, ” I will acquire an additional 500 rounds of 9mm ball for storage this year.”


How are you going to measure progress? In my spreadsheet, I have one column for amounts needed per caliber, which is my deficit for that particular round. Another column is for stock on hand, which increase as I buy ammunition. I can use the difference between the two to measure my progress.


Goals need to be achievable. In the United States, (in most places) acquiring the 500 rounds of ammunition is certainly achievable, and is simply a matter of being able to afford it. But if you live in certain parts of the world with strict weapons laws where even the amount of ammunition you can keep at one time is controlled, then a goal of 500 rounds of 9mm ball may not be achievable. At least not legally.


This goes hand in hand with achievable. But you need to consider if the goal is actually applicable to your preps, or just a flight of fancy you get. Do you really need an additional 500 rounds of 9mm, or is this just a want on your part?

Time Bound

Every goal should have a “completion date.” “Someday” is not good enough. Without a targeted completion date, it is easy to procrastinate and keep putting the goal off until you seldom think about it. With detailed lists of items and goals with completion dates that are frequently checked, you stand a much better chance of reaching your goals for this year, as you will continuously motivate yourself to completion.

And finally, be flexible. One of the dangers of detailed planning with lists and written goals is you can become dogmatic. Situations change. Finances change. Your perceived threats can change. Reviewing your lists and goals on a regular basis, and then updating them as the situation may require, will give you the best chance of achieving the maximum in your preps.

In Part 3, we will look at some specific areas that you might want to look at in either establishing or revisiting your prepping goals.

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