SnugPak Softie 3 Merlin Sleeping Bag

Merlin 2Every one should have a bug out bag packed and prepared to go with at least three days necessities. Since sleeping is definitely a necessity in a stressful situation, it requires careful planning in the selection of gear. Weight in a bug out bag is a serious consideration. Sleeping gear can become a large portion of that weight. The SnugPak Softie 3 Merlin is a potential answer to the problem.

SnugPak is a British company that started out as a cottage business back in the 70’s. They began marketing their Softie sleeping bag line in the 80’s, and it has been extremely successful. They have sold to militaries world-wide. I bought my Softie 3 Merlin on the recommendation of some of my British mates while doing contract security at the US Embassy in Afghanistan. We had our own compound and didn’t sleep at the embassy proper, but I needed a good bag for those times when we were locked in for security reasons. The Merlin fit the bill perfectly being a small lightweight bag that fit in my go bag easily and only took up a small amount of space. The Merlin is one of the smallest lightweight sleeping bags available. It weighs 32 ounces and will pack into a 6inchx6inch  size using the compression sack that comes with it. It’s unrolled  size is 86 x 60 inches.Merlin1

The filling is a highly breathable metalized barrier (ReflectathermTM). This bag is designed for temperate climates, and works well for me here in the Arizona desert year round. For colder weather I use a G.I. poncho liner tied into a G.I. poncho which wraps around my Merlin as both a ground sheet and additional insulation. This has proven to be an extremely lightweight and versatile sleeping system for me. It is rated down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only fault I have found with my Merlin is the very thing that makes it so useful: it’s size. I am 6′ and 190 and it is a real snug fit for me in my Merlin. It is still comfortable, but I don’t have the wiggle room I have in my G.I. Arctic Sleeping Bag. This bag is available with RH or LH zipper and in various colors.

SnugPak makes a complete line of sleeping bags for military and civilian use such as their Special Forces Modular System.

This bag is of the highest quality manufacture and if you need a small compressible temperate weather bug out bag sleeping bag, I can highly recommend it. Mine has served me very well.

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