So Why Are We Beginning Survival and Prepping Training For Beginners?

But there is a lot more to surviving than just fending off an attacker. In the world we live in, there are an increasing number of dangers, crime just being one of them. I spent 20 years in the Army serving in Viet Nam, Korea and Europe. I have been through a tremendous amount of training including actual combat. I have done security contracting in Kosovo and Afghanistan. And I’m still learning.

I personally feel that our country is headed in the wrong direction and that we are facing some serious problems on the horizon. You cannot continue to spend money at the rate our government is without eventual serious consequences. Try this yourself. Continue to run up credit card bills on a monthly basis that exceed your monthly income. You can keep rolling credit card debt over until finally no one will lend you any more money. What is going to happen when the people who lend our government money finally refuse to do it anymore?

The government will only have two choices. They can print more money to pay the bills and the ever increasing social welfare programs which will lead to hyperinflation like happened in many other countries with the resulting ruined economy and social chaos. Or they can simply stop funding the social welfare programs that are bleeding us dry. And what do you think the people who depend on those welfare checks and food stamps are going to do? Sit in their public housing and starve to death? I think not.

This is not conspiracy theory or paranoid doom and gloom. It is simple mathematics. 2 plus 2 is only going to equal 4 no matter how long you try to pretend it equals 8. Politicians of both parties cannot figure out how to stop this runaway train and still stay in office so they continue to kick the can down the road figuring they will be well gone and set up before it all falls apart. Leaving you and me to hold the bag. And you know what the bag is full of.

A growing number of Americans are starting to feel the same way. There has been a relative small group of Preppers and Survivalists who have been getting prepared for any eventuality for a long time. But a large and growing number of Americans feel the need to start protecting themselves from any number of disasters both man made and natural, but are unsure where to begin.

There is now a “Prepper” industry blooming in America with training, advice, blogs, products etc. and it is hard for the concerned novice to know where to begin. Some of the stuff out there is quality but much of it is being propagated by arm chair “experts” who have never really done anything or been anywhere except their local gun shop and their computer key board.

So Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions is going to start making it easier and safer for the novice to begin doing those things necessary to survive the potential disasters we all face.

With training classes, seminars and articles here, we will get you started. And maybe even have a good time doing it!

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