Surviving a Massacer Rampage or Spree Killing (book review)

Paladin Press

ISBN 13:978-1-58160-725-3


We live in a dangerous world. And we live in a potentially VERY dangerous part of the world. “Active Shooter” is the term that federal law enforcement uses to describe some deranged individual who goes into a crowded area and begins murdering people. Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Ft. Hood are only recent incidents that made the major news. Not a week goes by that a serious incident like this doesn’t occur somewhere in the U.S. And Europe. And Asia. What makes these types of incident doubly dangerous is the fact that most of these murderous shootings are committed by people who do not plan to survive it themselves. Instead of “Suicide Bombers” they are “Suicide Shooters”. Having a CCW and carrying isn’t the total solution. There are a vast number of places where you cannot carry, and many of them are crowded with potential victims. These include schools, most workplaces, theaters, shopping malls, churches, ect. So if you find yourself in the middle of a shooting spree, what do you do? The author, Professor Arthur Cohen, is an internationally known personal safety expert, and this is one of the few texts that are available to the subject.

Part one of the book is dedicated to defining the problem. He explores the intricacies of what, who, why, and how these people commit these crimes.

Part two is the practical part that describes how to survive this type of killing spree.

Chapters include:Understanding Stress and Survival, What it Takes to Survive, Recognizing the Danger, Survival Tips, Strategies, and Tactics, Suggestions for the Educational Community, and Suggestions for the Law Enforcement Community. I highly recommend this book for any thinking persin concerned with the safety of themselves and their familiy. Available here.

Note: I teach an approximately two hour seminar entitled “Surviving the Active Shooter” based on the same concepts in this book. If you would be interested in having this seminar put on for your business, church, civic group, or other organization, please contact me.




3 thoughts on “Surviving a Massacer Rampage or Spree Killing (book review)

  1. I’ve only been a part of a subversive attack once. It lasted less than a minute.
    Like the fool who tried it on, some of us had decided that being ‘very not law abiding’ and carrying weapons in a gun free zone was a bloody good idea.
    Gun free zones are ridiculous. ~
    All they do is amplify the effectiveness of terrorists.
    The criminals don’t care about the ‘niceties of law’ and neither should you.

    As for what happened?
    Two people got shot for simply pleading for their lives.
    Out of the stampede when everyone ran, only one got hit.
    Distance was what saved a lot of folk, ‘illegal’ carry saved the rest.

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