Surviving An Urban Disaster (Book Review)

Surviving and Urban DisasterStatistics show that only 1% of American households are in any way prepared for an emergency such as natural disasters. Thats scary. And the vast majority of our population live in urban environments. That complicates the issue. But a growing number of Americans have that funny feeling that they need to prepare for an increasingly dangerous world, but just don’t know where to begin. This excellent book gives them a place to start.

When Richard Duarte asked me if I would like to review his new book Surviving An Urban Disaster, I eagerly agreed. Richard is already a well-known author on emergency preparation in his excellent book Surviving Doomsday. Richard is also a well-known lecturer and consultant to the prepper community, as well as a contributing author to S.W.A.T Magazine, Off Grid Magazine, and Prepper and Shooter.

Richard advertises his books as Quick Start Guides, and this new publication is just that. The format is direct and easy for a beginner to understand. He covers the whole range of subjects that he calls Core Survival Elements: Water, Food, First Aid and Medical, Personal Security and Self Defense, Knowing When to Stay Put and When to Get Out, and Hygiene and Sanitation. Each chapter is filled with Quick Prep Tips and each subject is covered simply yet thoroughly, allowing the beginner to get a good start.

As Richard is a practicing attorney, I was particularly impressed with his section on Legal and Financial Preparation. Many preppers overlook this vital subject. They will collect enough arms, ammunition, food and water to fight World War Z, and not consider securing important documentation in order to reconstruct their lives after a major disaster. Richard covers this simply but thoroughly.

If you have a family member, friend, associate or co-worker who has expressed concern about being prepared for any number of calamities that can befall them, you need to direct them to this book. It might just save their life.

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