The Gerber Suspension Multi Tool

Suspension-Multi-Plier_fulljpg 2I have used a lot of multi tools over the years and still have a few of them. For the last few months I have been using one by Gerber called the Suspension.

There are a large number of quality multi tools of the market, especially those made by Leatherman and Gerber. I consider a quality multi-tool as essential for bug out bag and everyday carry. I have been using the Gerber Suspension for some time now, and am pretty impressed. The body is an attractive grey finish and well machined. The pliers are spring loaded and align perfectly. I was impressed that the wire cutter blades also align perfectly and do a good job cutting wire without deforming.Gerber suspension 5

The Suspension comes with the following tools:

gerber Suspension_• Needle-nose Pliers
•Wire Cutter/Stripper
• Straight Blade
• Serrated Blade
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Large and Medium Flathead Screwdrivers
• Scissors
• Bottle Opener
• Can Opener
• Saw
• Awl
• Lanyard Ring

All of the tools lock when extended using Gerber’s Saf.T.Plus component locking system. Gerber suspension 3They are quite reminiscent of the take down slides on a Glock. The knife blade has an opening lever making one handed opening possible. It was also quite sharp out of the box.  I found the scissors extremely functional. Although small, I have used them often to cut paper, lamination plastic, and wrappers and they work very well.  The tools were properly fitted in the frame and were not loose. A nice feature of the Suspension is that it is held together with hex screws that can be tightened if the body becomes loose. It comes in a nice and functional ballistic nylon sheath and as with all Gerber products, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

What makes this particular multi-tool attractive to preppers is the quality/cost ratio. At less that $25.00 on Amazon, you would be hard pressed to find a multi tool of this quality much cheaper.

8 thoughts on “The Gerber Suspension Multi Tool

  1. All of the tools lock when extended using Gerber’s Saf.T.Plus component locking system.

    An important note to all UK readers.
    Don’t forget the luddite UK legal system have declared ANY locking blade system, even on a multi tool or one of those folding “stanley blade” work knives as the same as a lock knife therefore illegal.


  2. If you’re looking for an inexpensive,well built multi-tool-Lowe’s house brand-Kobalt-(lifetime warranty-they replace for free,no questions asked)-sells one that comes with a knife that you can either carry in the nylon sheath,or clip inside your front pocket-I use it daily for work in the construction trades-had the current one for 3 years-first one was replaced for free,because my moron son-in law tried using the pliers to remove the rusted in breech plug in his muzzleloader,and they no longer lined up.


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