The Safepacker Pistol Holster

Safepacker holster with pistol

The Safepacker holster is one of those unique designs that fulfill a number of functions. Constructed of tough Cordura nylon and thick closed-cell neoprene padding, the Safepacker was originally designed to completely protect a firearm and reload for armed mountain rescue teams whose equipment received hard use in tough terrain and climates. The inside of the safepacker will hold a pistol and a spare magazine. The side is fastened using a Velcro strip. Once the retaining strap has been opened, the pistol can be quickly accessed simply by thrusting the hand in and grabbing it.
It comes in right and left hand models and in various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of automatic pistols and revolvers. Colors include black, brown, green and camoflage. The cover flap is also a smaller pouch that is Velcro closed which can store a variety of articles. The holster has a carrying handle on top and two D rings that a removable shoulder strap attaches to. The Safepacker can be carried a number of ways. You can attach it to your belt using the large belt loop on the back, across your shoulder using the carrying strap, in your hand using the carrying handle, or attached to your rucksack a number of ways.

Safepaker in car 1

For the traveler, it can be used as a bed holster by opening the cover flap and placing it between the mattress and box springs giving immediate access. Another excellent way to use the Safepacker while traveling is to run the seat belt strap through the belt loop and it will sit secure on your right side for quick access. This also has the added benefit of keeping your pistol secure in the event of an accident. I carry my Glock 19 this way and then transfer it to my carry holster when out of the vehicle. This quality constructed holster is made right here in Phoenix by The Wilderness company. They make a wide variety of nylon gear for the shooter, sportsman, police officer or military person. You can view their entire line of quality products at:

Photos courtesy The Wilderness

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