The Tactical Advantage (Book review)

Tactical AdvantageEvery now and them, someone writes a book that is so universally correct, that it simply fills the bill for a wide range of audiences. This is one of them.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the highest regard for Gabriel Suarez as a tactical firearms instructor. I don’t do hero worship, but I do professionally admire someone who knows what the hell he is talking about, in a world of mass media pundits whose only real experience is hanging out at the local gun store and wearing out their computer key board. Although I have not had the opportunity to train in his classes, I have devoured much of his training material, books, and CDs and have found him to right on on every serious subject.This gentleman is a highly decorated former police officer who has “been there, done that” and has established one of the most prominent and professional small arms training programs in the world. His opinions and training techniques are to be taken seriously.

His book, The Tactical Advantage has been out for some time, but needs to be reintroduced to those who perhaps have not heard of it. This is an outstanding manual that covers the field of tactical small arms techniques in a logical and clear manner that even the novice can understand. Of particular interest to the civilian gun owner and prepper are the first five chapters where he covers the Tactical Mindset, and Building Clearing of Doors, Hallways, Stairs and Close Quarters. He goes on to discus shooting on the move and an excellent chapter on cover and concealment, a subject that those without prior military and police training often misunderstand.

Much of the rest of the book is geared toward the professional police officer or soldier, but there is an excellent chapter on reduced light operations and also a good one on handling non shooting confrontations.

If you are a lawful gun owner who is concerned about how you would defend your family at 3am when someone is breaking into your home, you need the techniques that you can learn from this book. I simply could not recommend this book any higher.

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