This Blog Is For YOU!

another%20day%20at%20the%20officeI’m having more fun than the law allows doing azweaponcraftprepper! But this blog isn’t about me. It’s about You the Reader. Without You the Reader, any blog is just a bunch of words and pictures floating around the Twilight Zone of the internet.

I started this blog for two reasons. Primarily because I have had a number of students in my classes ask me about emergency disaster preparation, and also as an adjunct to my defensive firearms training classes with my company Arizona Weapopncraft Solutions

But Azweaponcraftprepper has developed a life of it’s own! In just seven months we have moved up to the 48 spot on the Top Prepper Websites list of about 115 websites. And our business Facebook page is taking off like a rocket. (With the help of my advertising consultant Marie Camarano whose contact information is to the right. I highly recommend her for anyone who wishes to advertise on Facebook!)

But I Need Your Help!

I want this blog to be a useful tool for You the Reader. So if you have a moment, could you give me some feedback by answering some or all of these questions? I would really appreciate it. If you want your comments to be private, you can e-mail us at

1. Which article so far have you found most useful?

2. Which article so far have you enjoyed the most?

3. What subjects would you like to see me post on in the future?

4. What types of products or gear are you interested in seeing reviews about?

Thanks in advance for your input, and I sincerely appreciate the support I have been given by all of you.

This blog is for YOU!

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