This May Be An Interesting Adventure. Off Grid Living Expedition

Pylon_ds creative commonsThese folks contacted me through this blog to see if I was interested. They stated that they were doing a documentary. I have never dealt with these folks so I am only posting this for information purposes only. If anyone does know anything more about this, let us know.

The website to Magilla Entertainment is here. The phone number the lady called me from is the same one as listed on their website. Here is the e-mail they sent me:

“SEEKING FAMILIES INTERESTED IN LIVING OFF THE GRID! Are you and your family interested in living off the grid?  Do you and your significant other want to take your family away and live off the land?  Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are looking for people who have lived off the grid or who are working towards living this lifestyle and want to relocate.  We want to tell the stories of living an off grid lifestyle and all of the challenges, obstacles and unique aspects that living sustainably has to offer.  If you [and your family] are interested in getting away from the rat race, cell phones and chain stores, please contact us at with your names, ages, location, occupations and why living off grid is appealing to you.  Please be sure to include contact  information! “

5 thoughts on “This May Be An Interesting Adventure. Off Grid Living Expedition

    • Sounded like fun. Two months in a grid down jungle location. Unfortunately a full time job, full time business and full time blog don’t leave enough time for it. Hope to hear how it turns out.

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