Where to begin?

(Note: This is the second article in our series for new preppers. If you want to read them in order, please start here)

Our focus in our Preparation and Survival series is being directed toward those who are concerned and want to begin a logical preparation plan but are overwhelmed by the whole process. 


w2_6O.K. you now know the types of emergencies that are on the probability scale. Each of them may have their own unique issues to prepare for, but your beginning efforts will concentrate on basic generic preparations that would apply to any situation. But first, let’s clarify our terminology for future use.

BUG OUT= This is where the disaster is such that you decide it is best to evacuate to another location.

BUG IN= The disaster is such that you decide it is better to ride it out and stay home.

EDC= Every day carry. The things you normally have on you.

GHB= Get Home Bag. This is a bag of essentials, usually stored in your auto, which will keep you going if you are caught in a disaster away from home, and allows you to get home. Often combined with the Bug Out Bag. The two concepts are pretty interchangeable.

BOB= Bug Out Bag. This is a bag of essentials which will keep you alive for 72 hours whether you stay at home or evacuate to another location. Every member of you family including pets should have their individual bug out bag packed and ready to go. Sometimes kept in the vehicle replacing the GHB.

TEOTWAWKI= The End Of The World As We Know It.

SHTF= ………… Hits The Fan. I will let you guess what the S stands for.

So let’s break our preparation plan down into time frames.

EDC- This is where you begin. Those things that you should always have with you.

72 hours – Your next step. You want to be able to handle any emergency that lasts for up to three days whether you stay home or decide to get out of dodge. Food, water, shelter, defense. BOB for each individual.

2 weeks- This is your next step and should be a minimum goal for basic preparation.More food and water than in your BOB.

1 month – Your next goal. Now you are starting to prep for things like long term ability to cook, renewable energy sources, waste disposal, ect.

6 months – Serious stockpiling either at home or a pre-selected bug out location. You need to have begun the process of trying to group with other like minded people.

1+ years – If it goes on this long, there is probably total societal breakdown and you need to consider grouping with other people for sure.

O.K. We now have a plan that considers possible emergencies and a time line to base our planning on.

Lets move on to those items that you should consider for every day carry.


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