Why I support Israel

Flag_of_Israel.svgI started this blog as an adjunct to my business which is selling my expertise in firearms instruction, security consulting, and emergency preparation consulting. I tend to avoid politics, however I set aside one page titled “Silent Running” for posts of a political bent, either mine or readers. I support the state of Israel, and here is why.

O.K., I am going to get the religious point of view out of the way first. I am a devout Christian. My understanding of Scripture tells me that God created the Hebrew people for a purpose, as well as the Land of Israel. If you are a Jew or a true Christian, you will understand what I mean. If not, I am not going to waste your or my time explaining it.

I support the State of Israel because it is simply the right thing to do. Not only as a Christian, but as a thinking human being. If I was a devout atheist, I would still support the state of Israel, because inside every normal human being, there is an understanding of the concept of right versus wrong. Unfortunately, and especially for Americans, that concept has been perverted by not only an obviously leftist leaning self-serving news media, but by a current American President who is a former Muslim and has spent the entire time of his Presidency trying to placate the radical Muslim world with the constant Israeli bashing  of his administration. With the obvious results. While beheadings of human beings by Muslim radicals was only something that happened “Over there” they now happen even in the US. And this President can’t even describe it for what is. Religious inspired terrorism. And tiny Israel has been the bulwark against this type of terrorism since it’s founding in 1948. They have experienced this type of terrorism daily since 194.    Daily.

I am of partial German descent, and my wife is German. I am a legal resident of Germany. When there, we live in a small town near Saarbrucken. It has a Synagogue. And a German policeman on watch in front. The casual observer would suspect that this is to protect against any Neo-Nazi violence. Only partially true. It is also to protect against the violence propagated by the increasing number of Muslim immigrants who support radical Islam. And certainly, not all of them do.

Want to discuss religious freedom? In Israel, you are free to worship as your conscience dictates. Even though a Jewish state, Israel protects the rights of all people to worship as they please. Try that in any of their neighboring countries. Try being a Christian in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Try even taking a Bible or any other religious tract into any country that neighbors Israel. You might find yourself in a jail cell with Abdul or your head being removed. In Israel you are free to worship as you conscience dictates. Sort of reminds you of what America used to be like, doesn’t it. Can anyone begin to see the difference between tiny, democratic Israel and it’s neighbors which our President is so eager to placate? Is anyone noticing a difference between right and wrong?

While a security contractor at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan, one of my Afghan interpreters asked me if I could find him a Christian Bible in his language. I told him I would write my church for one. When I mentioned it to my room-mate, he commented that it would be the easiest way for me to get the kid killed. If his Muslim mates found him with a Bible, they would kill him. If an Israeli interpreter asked me for a Bible, no one would say anything. Sort of like America, yes? See any difference?

Despite being attacked, bombed and murdered by their Arab neighbors, Israel has always guaranteed the rights of its citizens. In 1948, upon the founding of the nation, Israel guaranteed the rights of its Arab residents to full equal citizenship. And they have kept that promise. There are a large number of Israeli Arab Muslims who exercise full rights as citizens in Israel. There are no Jews or Christians who have equal rights in any of its neighboring countries. Anyone see a difference?

I have been to Israel. My wife and I went to the Holocaust Museum in Tel Aviv. She cried. Our Israeli tour guide Malca (hope your reading this!) told her that she should remember the tremendous number of Germans who resisted Nazi oppression such as Dietrich Bonhoffer. And it cost them their lives. A wall titled “The Righteous of Nations” commemorating those non-Jews who died protecting Jews from the Nazis. Try finding that type of attitude  in any other country.

We crossed over into “Palestine” and heard the Arab Christians there tell us how they are persecuted for their faith, and are trying desperately to immigrate. This is the “Palestine” Barack Obama wants to recognize. In Israel there are prosperous farms, orchards, and a thriving economy. In “Palestine” there is poverty, hatred, and misery.The money they receive from the world, including the United States, is spent on tunnels to hide rockets to fire at Israel. In Israel, the aid they receive from the United States is spent building a thriving economy built on tolerance and freedom. Anyone see a difference?

And yes, the Israelis can be difficult. Upon leaving Elat, a young security supervisor  took exception to the number of Afghan visas in my passport, (I was doing contract security at the U.S Embassy in Kabul at the time) and put the wife and I through “enhanced” security, which meant semi-strip search and a total disassembly of our luggage as well as informing me that my computer was being confiscated. The young man was evidently fresh out of the Army and trying to do a “good job” After about an hour of this BS, I requested to talk to a supervisor that had more than fuzz on his face. One immediately arrived. Quickly resolved, plane held up so my computer could be returned. (hard drive scanned of course) Try that in JFK Airport. I understand their sometimes paranoia. When you live in a world where your neighbors are constantly trying to murder you 24/7, a slight case of paranoia is understandable. As a security professional, I respect the fact that the Israelis actually do security. We play at it.

I support Israel because they are a prosperous, democratic, progressive country that really likes the United States, and our history of democracy. I support Israel because these people have manage to build a decent nation while under constant attack, and who are willing to even treat their sworn enemies with decency when they can, while still securing their own national borders. I support Israel because these people, after centuries of oppression, have managed to return to their ancestral homeland, have the courage to insist on having the right to live in it without being oppressed by the religious nut cases living next to them. I support Israel because they are now what America used to be. I support Israel because it is the right thing to do, and not only that, they are the only real, genuine friend we have in that part of the world!  And we need to quit crapping on them!

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3 thoughts on “Why I support Israel

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  2. No argument from me.
    A proud little country with a big stick that ain’t afraid to use it TO PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS.

    If the rest of the world (US) would leave them alone to sort out their own problems without butting in with “placate their enemies” type strategies, and if they could lock out the bleeding heart press for just a while, there wouldn’t be a terrorist problem anymore.

    Peace and security through strength of arm, religion, and nation.
    They’ve got my vote.

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