Valley Food Storage (Product test)

White Bean and Lime Chili

White Bean and Lime Chili

I have had the opportunity to eat a wide variety of “field” or “Emergency” rations over the years. From military C rations in Vietnam to the whole line of MRE’s including today’s varieties (which I can buy in military commissaries), foreign military rations, and civilian freeze dried foods. I am always looking for  efficient and tasty long term storable food, so when Valley Food Storage asked me to test one of their products, I happily agreed.

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One thought on “Valley Food Storage (Product test)

  1. This company may well have tasty, well packaged, long lasting food. Like many of these companies, they go by “servings”, which can be confusing to the customer. This company seems to have servings between 200 and 300 calories each. Their “month” supply of food seems to be on the order of 1300 calories, a day. Now this is certainly better than many company’s 800 calories a day, which generally is only recommended for a medically supervised weight loss diet. 1300 calories is enough to keep you from starving, and enough to avoid physical/mental damage from long term insufficient calorie intake, so is nothing to sneer at. But it may have trouble providing enough calories for cold environments or extensive activity.

    A few companies claim to provide 2000 calories per day and can be considered to be a full food storage program. Most companies, including this one, provide a SUPPLEMENTAL food storage program which needs to also include additional (bulk) food to provide full nutritional needs long term.


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