The Bicycle In SHTF

Montague ParatrooperTransportation could be very important in a SHTF scenario. Each person and each group has different treansportation needs and capabilities depending on a number of factors. We have discussed the aspects of selecting a Bug Out Vehicle, but would a bicycle be a practical alternative or addition?

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3 thoughts on “The Bicycle In SHTF

  1. I look at a bike and I see your uncovered back as you pedal furiously away from me. Top speed on a bicycle is on average 40 km/h (25 mph).
    11 meters a second, 37 fps.

    Hell my air rifle cracks out at 550 fps let alone a 12 gauge Remington Express Buckshot (12 pellets #0 Buck) at 1275 fps.

    Now my air rifle will make things painful but as for the shotgun?

    You’re toast my friend.


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