Prepare for What?

Head in sand
When it comes to being intelligently prepared for unforeseen disasters, most Americans are like our friend above. However with the advent of shows like “Doomsday Preppers’ the “Prepping” industry is flourishing, and honestly concerned citizens want to prepare themselves and their families.
This is a bit of a rehash of the “Survivalist” rage in the 70s.
Someone who honestly sees the dangers on the horizon (if you don’t, your picture is above) and wants to begin honest and practical preparation measures can often be overwhelmed as to where to begin. Some just throw up their hands in frustration and others run out buying all sorts of survival food, guns, equipment and “gadgets”. Both are wrong.
It is a matter of practical, serious and sober thinking and then coming up with an intelligent plan that is right for your individual situation. First, what are you preparing for? Let’s make a logical list:

Simple life emergencies such as a job loss or temporary electrical outage.


U.S. and global economic instability.


Extreme weather events  natural disastersTornado



VirusPandemic (Swine flu, Bird flu, Ebola ect.)


Terrorist Threats       Terrorists


Civil Unrest    Civil unrest


EMP (either man made or solar???????????

Each of the above is an honest and legitimate concern that requires specific preparations, but they are certainly not the only possible scenarios. Think about how they might affect you.
The first thing a beginning prepper needs to understand is that the most valuable weapon/tool that you have is your ability to think and make rational decisions. Knowledge is not only power, it is a powerful weapon. The “Prepper Industry” is full of well-trained people who have a lot of real world experience and are a valuable asset, and a LOT of commuter keyboard commandos trying to cash in on the ‘Prepper Craze” And a lot of folks fall somewhere in between. So what does someone who is concerned to have their family prepared to do when faced with so much often conflicting information? First, take a deep breath and follow a few simple guidelines.
  1. Just because it is on the internet doesn’t make it true or useful. A slick website may only be selling items, not useful information. Take your time and check out the stated qualifications of any particular writer or trainer.
  2. Beware of anyone who claims to be an absolute authority in any area, especially what is coming down the pike. Unless he has a crystal ball or is Merlin the f……….Wizard, he cannot guarantee his predictions will transpire. That doesn’t mean that he, you and I cannot use common sense to add 2 and 2 and see a lot of the potential and even probable events that will transpire. Even among seasoned professionals there is honest differences of opinion. Just like a doctor’s report, always get a “Second Opinion”. Or more.
  3. Don’t be a “Gadget Geek”. WAY to many people seem to feel that they can buy a whole lot of “stuff” and then they are “Prepared”. Many of these people will end up being nothing more than a free supply room for trained and motivated people, good and bad. There are actually preppers whose plan is investment in weapons and training with an eye to relieving you of your goodies. That’s THEIR survival plan. Take your time deciding what equipment you need to acquire. Research. Test. Try out. When you decide on an item, test it to see if it actually performs what you need it to do and TRAIN often with it. (Especially your firearms). Did you buy the newest handy-dandy fire starter that Mr. Survivor suggested/sold you? Did you test it? Does it actually start fires in the wilderness as well as your back yard? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you better find out before your life depends on it.
Which threats do you honestly feel could affect you? What is your personal and family situation? Where do you live? Urban or rural? House or apartment? Aging family members? Infants? Pets? Family members with special needs? Do you have any military or real world experience to draw on?
Regardless of what some may tell you, there is no “one size fits all” strategy involved in emergency planning. There are many common concepts you need to understand and even master, then apply them to your own personal situation.
Sit down and make a logical plan. Base it on all of the considerations we discussed and whatever else applies. Include all the affected family members in the planning stage. Write it down!
Refer to it often and update it when necessary. As you gain training and knowledge, your plan will flesh out.

So, lets move on to the next article and begin

4 thoughts on “Prepare for What?

  1. Good evening as a former Navy Corp man and a 20 year retired it admin I like your blog there is a spelling error or two. But I wanted to warn about using WordPress it’s the single most hacked website builder in the world . I am looking for good local prepper goods and services as well as like minded folks to share ideas etc thank you Doug


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