Preppers Library. Begin Yours Today!

LDS PrepperKnowledge is power, and the most powerful survival tool you have is your mind. Having equipment and skills is important. Having the knowledge to acquire them is even more important, and in reality the first step. Everyone who is involved in emergency preparation needs a good reference library. There are a tremendous amount of books on survival and preparation available.  These are some of the books that I believe are essential first readings, and handy to have as reference.

This is now a category with it’s own link at the top of the blog. This article is the beginning, and will be updated as new good books become available. I will not list fictional books. There are a lot of great ones out there, however I want to limit this page to those volumes that you can get vital skills and information from. Some of these books I have already done reviews on. I will link the review next to the book’s link.  Many of these books are available in both hard copy and Kindle.

So here are some of the best books on survival and preparation out there!

LDS PrepperLDS Preparedness Manual Preppers long term survival guide Preppers Long Term Survival Guide

Surviving and Urban DisasterSurviving an Urban Disaster       Review


SAS Survival HandbookSAS Survival HandbookSurvival medicene Handbook Survival Medicine Hand Book

Preppers CookbookThe Preppers Cookbookhandbook Pratical Distaer prepared nessHand Book of Disaster Preparedness

Preppers BlueprintThe Prepper’s Blueprint

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