Quick Clot to Control Bleeding

Quick Clot combat guaze_Every first aid kit NEEDS this

It is a sad fact that throughtout history warfare has been the prime driving factor in human technology development. Recent wars have directed more attention to medical aid for wounded and injured soldiers. Developed by Z-Medica, QuickClot was originally a powder that you sprinkled on a wound to cause bleeding to immediately stop. And it did! The problem with the powder is that it basically fused to the wound and had to be surgically removed later. After 2008 the powder was placed in a gauze type bandage that will quickly stop bleeding without attaching itself to the wound.

quick clotjpg


You need these for all of your first aid kits! Combined with the Israeli Combat Bandage they give you a much better chance of surviving a serious wound without bleeding out than you ever had before. They come in different sizes and configuration. Various versions of it can be found here., or click on the picture above of one you are intertested in.












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