The Ultimate Sniper (Book Review)

Ultimate SniperIn a serious SHTF situation, you may be called on to defend yourself with your rifle. If you only have one manual for reference and training on rifle marksmanship, this one should be it.

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Preppers Library. Begin Yours Today!

LDS PrepperKnowledge is power, and the most powerful survival tool you have is your mind. Having equipment and skills is important. Having the knowledge to acquire them is even more important, and in reality the first step. Everyone who is involved in emergency preparation needs a good reference library. There are a tremendous amount of books on survival and preparation available.  These are some of the books that I believe are essential first readings, and handy to have as reference.

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Surviving An Urban Disaster (Book Review)

Surviving and Urban DisasterStatistics show that only 1% of American households are in any way prepared for an emergency such as natural disasters. Thats scary. And the vast majority of our population live in urban environments. That complicates the issue. But a growing number of Americans have that funny feeling that they need to prepare for an increasingly dangerous world, but just don’t know where to begin. This excellent book gives them a place to start.

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