Beginning Prepper Series

If you are new to the concept of emergency preparation ,”Prepping”, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Some people run out and begin buying tons of food, guns, survival supplies ect, and some just throw their hands up in the air and try to ignore the situation. Both approaches are wrong. The series or articles below is designed to get beginners started. I recommend you read them in order. They will get you started on preparing yourself for everything from a couple of days power outage to TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it.) Notice I said started.


Head in sand

Basic Prepper 1: Prepare for What?


Basic Prepper 2: Where to begin


Basic Prepper 3: Every Day Carry


Basic Prepper 4: Prepping Considerations, Terminology, and The Bug Out Bag


Basic Prepper 5: Putting a Bug Out Bag Together

511 rush

Basic Prepper 6: Buying a Bug Out Bag


Basic Prepper 7: OPSEC: How Much Do You Need?


Basic Prepper 8: OPSEC: How Much Do You Need? PT.2

Clock 19

Basic Prepper 9: Building a Survival Battery for Beginning Preppers

Bugging out

Basic Prepper 10:To Bug In or Bug Out?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I take your word for anything you post?

Answer: You shouldn’t. And no one else’s either. Your and your family’s survival is your responsibility. The internet has a tremendous amount of information available to those wanting to prepare for emergencies. Some of it is excellent, and some of it isn’t. Some of it is posted by people who know what they are talking about. And some of it is posted by well-meaning people who have a lot of theories, but little real world experience. And there is a LOT of it posted by people whose only interest is selling products or getting you to join their on-line “Survival Club”. (for a monthly payment off your credit card of course) You need to do your research and figure out what works and what doesn’t for your situation. The people who have the ability to make serious decisions based on logical thinking are those who will survive. My posts are based on 40 years of experience. ( See my “About Us’ page). Others with just as much or more experience may disagree with me, and often do. Just like a Doctor’s report, get a second opinion. And a third, fourth, fifth…………………

2. What makes your blog any different than any of the other prep blogs out there?

Answer: Besides being brand new? I started this blog as an adjunct to my defensive firearms training business and because I decided to expand into survival and preparation training based on the increasing interest that many of my students expressed. I have always been a “Prepper” or “Survivalist” or whatever you want to call being logically prepared for life’s emergencies. I started looking at other survival blogs and found many, many good ones. But I noticed that many of them seem to have a confusing array of articles that it would be difficult for someone who just “saw the light” to really know where to begin. So this blog is geared towards those just starting out and I am trying to keep it in a simple, easy to follow format for the Beginning Prepper. Once you get your feet on the ground, you will understand how to utilize the tremendous amount of good information out there, and hopefully filter out the BS.


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Web Links

Here are some resources on the web that I know and think would be useful to you. check them out. The list will continue to grow.

In the Arizona Area

The Wilderness Tactical Products :Locally produced nylon tactical gear, and really nice folks to boot.

Camelback Uniforms: A great local source for 5.11 Tactical Series Clothing, and another great group of folks.

AZ Firearms :A great gun store in Avondale. Go check out their bolt action 20mm rifle! HIGHLY knowledgeable staff and super friendly:

Joe Foss Shooting Range :This is an excellent place to shoot and the only really good public range on the West Side of the Valley of the Sun. I hold most of my classes here. Air conditioned classrooms and covered firing points. Run by volunteers of the Buckeye Sportsman’s Club.

On the Web

The Well Armed Woman: Carrie Lightfoot has a tremendous website dedicated to providing information and products for women concerned with self defense. She has some highly informative videos also. Check her website at

Graywolf Survival: An excellent Prepper Blog. One of the best actually:

Last One Alive: An interesting, well laid out blog. I recommend you read his article on knives here: 

A Good Guide to Building a Survival Kit: